Luffy vs Sephiroth

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Combatants: Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece), Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)

Conditions: Both at their strongest, no gear four for first four minutes of fight, both in character, win by kill or knockout

Battlefield: Seattle, Washington

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Sephiroth either mindrapes Luffy or cuts him to ribbons.

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Sephiroth destroys him by summoning meteor for the lulz.

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I can see Sephiroth actually trying to summon Meteor especially for that reason.

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I love the location of the fight

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Sephiroth playing around just training could probably take Luffy.

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Luffy should have a speed edge. And he should be able to put him down with his attacks. His Haki will be a big factor in both dodging and harming him. Only thing im not sure about is mind control. If he can sephiroth wins. If not he loses.

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Luffy blitzes and one shots, mismatch

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Sephiroth kills Luffy with his eyes closed

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Luffy one shots the sissy man

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Sephiroth solos the OPverse

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Sephiroth blitzs and one shots on accident.

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Sephiroth wins. Far more versatile.

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Luffy stomps. He’s faster, stronger, can’t be controlled by Sephiroth since Luffy doesn’t have the Jenova Gene, and the meteor feat (which is his best feat aside from the inconsistent Solar System one) is super contextual and isn’t something he can just pull out whenever he wants to.

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Hm. Luffy could 1 shot with gear 4. Maybe even gear 2 or 3. The speed difference might be inconsequential. 1 winged angel could be countered by not having the concentration to use it. And then If supernova is in effect... sephiroth easily. If not I'd bet on luffy for overall stat advantage countering versatile magic. He just ragdoll him around the entire fight.

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The replies are funny, but, anyway, the thread should be closed after this:

Sephiroth destroys him by summoning meteor for the lulz.

And we're done!

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lol one side is like "Sephiroth stomps" and other is like "lufft stomps" too funny.

I side with Sephiroth myself.

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as much as i love luffy, sephiroth wins. luffy would try to hit him and he gets immediately cut to shreds.

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Sephiroth would win because he can cause supernovas.

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luffy wins by tanking him

luffy wins high diff

luffy wins by defense