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20 meter distance

Location- Daytona Beach

For R1 Luffy can use up to Gear 3

Round 1- Current Base Luffy VS War Tsunade

Round 2- Current G4 Luffy + Current Zoro VS Tsundae, A, Oonoki, Mei, and Gaara

Round 3- Current G4 Luffy Snakeman + Current Zoro + Katakuri + Drunk Dragon Form Kaido VS A, Oonoki, Tsundae, Mei, Gaara, and KCM Naruto

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Round 1: Luffy ragdolls while Tsunade can't hurt him

Round 2: Luffy solos, Zoro arguably solos as well

Round 3: wtf is Kaidou and Katakuri doing there? Same as Round 2 but worse Kaidou,Katakuri or Luffy solo, Zoro arguably Solos

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All rounds are mismatches in favour of op tbh

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Round 1: Luffy counters her due to being rubber, has amrament haki on top of that, has pre cog, ect. Tsunade is strong enough to take some hits, but she really has no way of winning as she is countered pretty hard here.

Round 2: Luffy and Zoro should win as long as they avoid particle style, and with observation haki they should. Luffy counters A as well in this round.

Round 3: One piece team stomps even harder because Kiado and Katakuri together are way stronger than KCM Naruto alone.

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Op team every round

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Going with Luffy

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One piece team stomps hard. Kaido folds a lot of people in round 3😎.

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OP Team Stomps