Luffy (Current) vs Adult Naruto

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We'll say both bloodlusted in their strongest forms, starting at base. Fight is overdone but I feel like there's a much needed update due to developments in each series. And please instead of just saying "Naruto/Luffy stomps" say why just for this one in specific.

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Naruto stomps.

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lol, totally unbalanced, ridiculous. Naruto wins..........

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BM Naruto curbstomps the One Piece verse, and this is coming from a OP fan.

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Yea there isn't much to say, Naruto slaughters Luffy. Naruto is superior in speed, DC/AP, better versatility, higher H2H skills, etc. Luffy has arguably better physical damage durability and strength, but nothing close to enough to win and 0 energy durability.

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@silentnightz: apparently Luffy is SOL due to Piko Piko No Mi I think? personally I favor Naruto obviously

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Base naruto can honestly take it.

Adult naruto in BSM would solo the verse.

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Adult Naruto in KCM and up solos the verse.

Naruto makes condom out of Luffy.

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Adult Naruto one shots multiple OPverses at once, and this wouldn't be a warm up form him.

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Naruto gains a new punchbag

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Luffy is just as fast if not faster than Naruto and is much more intimidating physically, so he might be able to pull something off if Bijuu Dama don't come into the mix right off the bat.

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So.. this is hokage naruto? with his feat of the 'moon level' attack from the movie in consideration?

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According to the logic of Naruto supporters, Naruto was capable of blocking a 'moon level' attack in base form. This, despite the animation clearly depicting him to be both physically, and in terms of chakra manipulation and output, comparable if not equal to Toneri, while in tailed beast/ toad sage mode: smaller chakra pellets were capable of defeating numerous clones with the tailed beast chakra cloak.

While considering this, the argument is still being made that Naruto decided to 'depower' to his base form to launch his defense against the chakra blade.... and his orange chakra cloak that disappears as the chakra in his hands intensifies allowing him to overcome an attack that seemingly surpassed all previous attacks, is ignored. Conveniently, the fact that his other fist lights up, due to the chakra being focused on a singular spot, before dealing Naruto's most impressive punch, is also ignored - which is strange, to say the least.

No one in this fight is winning in base form.

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Naruto wins even in Base. Full powered Naruto oneshots.