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Classic Loki has the Odinforce and Speedforce. He also has Thor's Hammer. 
Majestic has Wonder Woman's lasso.
Fight takes place in Asgard.
Winner by KO & Death. 
No prep for Loki and Majestic. 
Loki is bloodlusted. 
Majestic is not. 

126 ft. away.
Who wins? Mr. Majestic or Loki?
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Loki with speed force and odin force... majestic99 is that you? And it's a lasso not a rope

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Oh yeah....lasso.

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That is one OP God of Mischief. 
Loki takes this with the upgrades.  
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Loki if hes got that odin force with him. I don't see how Majestic could beat him.

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Speed force, Odin force, AND Mjonir? Yikes.


Without those things, though, Majestros shows Loki what a god looks like.

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That is one OP God of Mischief.

Loki takes this with the upgrades.

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Smells like an intendtional spite thread lol. Loki with the upgrades is just... -___-

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Why was this inane drivel bumped?

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Can't give characters imaginary powerups.