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Loki gets 24 hours ofprep

There both bloodlusted

Loki has increased his strength with magic

Who wins and why

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Black Adam stompedy stomp stomp. You increased lokis strength, not reaction time

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Loki's got magic on his side, but in a physical fight against Black Adam he's pretty screwed. He might be able to win via bfr, but even with increased strength his H2H skills are questionable at best. I'm not saying he can't win but without more prep it's gonna be really, and I mean REALLY tough.

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Since Loki cannot equal Thor's strength via his magics, he certainly cannot equal BA's. Additionally his reaction time and durability are also significantly inferior to BA's. So if its h2h, Loki gets beaten to a pulp.

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@schillenger420: ok i changed it and gave him mire prep time

That's better. With 24 hours prep I can see him casting defensive and more physical augmentation spells, maybe set something up so Adam get's BFR'd.... maybe even manages to get Captain Marvel to Adam somehow figuring after Marvel weakens him, Adam's ripe for the killing. All this is now possible. Not that likely I don't think, but at least now Loki's got some options. Again though please remember this is just my opinion, I could be wrong, in fact I often am. It's just Loki's always been more of a schemer and before he didn't have time to scheme or game-plan.... now at least he does. I still say Adam takes this though. The guy really is that beastly.

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Too bad current Adam sucks!

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Black Adam.

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@oceanmaster21: Oh yeah, it's interesting. Hell, some might even say Loki can take this, after all he is a schemer and they can pull all sorts of things folks call PIS outta nowhere..... the thing is that's how schemers work is through PIS..... that's just kind of their shtick. I understand this and that's why I give Loki a shot, but whatever he does he better put Adam down for good because otherwise Adams going to the ends of the Earth to find him, and when he does Loki's through.

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@schillenger420: i do i think with prep loki cud win

This...with prep he battles Thor all the time...BA will be similar in many regards.

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Black Adam will put a serious hurting on Loki

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Loki..The guy has too much knowledge of spells. I get that BA has wisdom but on a daily basis his a brawler.

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Black Adam wins.

Loki always has much more prep than he has here.

Also, Adam is a heck of a lot faster.

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Well assuming for odd reason Loki fights the way he should , he has intangibility, matter manipulation, telepathy and some pretty cool magic up his sleeve, and he certainly is the better of the 2 with prep.

Fighting to the best of his potential, the way he should, I would favor Loki.

Problem being he pretty much never fights the way he should, and while he has used all the abilities mention, he has never used them wisely in a fight else Thor wouldnt really be much of a threat.

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Going with BA.

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Loki should take it

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Black Adam

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tbh i'm in the middle.

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I mean it's not like Loki can use the Norn stones or Destroyer armor or enchant the battlefield in his favor with 24 hrs. Yeah...totally

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Black Adam with a sound victory

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Loki. Didnt he turn juggs and hulk into stuff toys or was that non canon?

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The Trickster