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E'o ladies and gentlemen. Today I've compiled 4 of my best Hanzo clips and a bonus clip I've turned into a scenario. These shots were all made by my Hanzo gameplay. One of these is sheer luck, to be fair, though it will be last. Without further ado, let's meet those who shall try to usurp me:

  • CW Arrow
  • MCU Hawkeye
  • MCU Bullseye
  • DCEU Deadshot
  • CW Deadshot
  • Roland Deschain (Dark Tower)
  • Wesley Gibson (Wanted)
  • MCU Punisher
  • MCU Grant Ward
  • CW Malcolm Merlyn
  • CW Deathstroke


  • Contestants will be in the same situation my Hanzo is in. This means they are aware they are constantly in danger, are in a combat scenario, but do not know they must make a specific shotunless specified.
  • Contestants will have a weapon of choice. Pistol, assault rifle, bow and arrow, etc. They will NOT have special ammo.
  • The rest is the same: morals are standard, bloodlust is off, no prep, etc.
  • For the purposes of this gauntlet, assume that all shots made were 100% skill.
  • Assume that characters with feats from cinematics have them perfectly translated here. Ask me for feats if you need them.

The Gauntlet

Scenario Round (1)In

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In the middle of a teamfight, I'm attacked by an enemy Widowmaker. Assume the fighters in this thread are also attacked and the Widowmaker also missed them. Can any of the marksmen, in the ensuing 6 seconds, turn around, locate the moving, non-stationary Widowmaker, and land the perfect headshot to kill her? They must make sure to avoid other enemies as well.

Round 2

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In a battle with friends, I came up on my friend who wasn't aware I was behind him. For this round, contestants know they must make a shot to pass. Can any of the marksmen replicate it?

Round 3

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In yet another battle with friends, I saw a different friend attempting to make some cheeky skill shots. For this round, contests know they must make a shot to pass. Can any of the marksmen replicate it?

Round 4

this one is slowed down a bit
this one is slowed down a bit

In the third bout between friends, I notice a tracer running amok. I manage to land a hit as she's teleporting down the stairs, but she recalls. I know that she'll end up somewhere in the hallway, so I turn around, aim almost perfectly, then immediately adjust to headshot her. The question is, can the marksmen aim down the hallway, shoot her as she's teleporting (assume she shrugs it off and recalls no matter what), then turn around and either headshot as she's back, or turn around close enough and adjust immediately for the headshot.

Round 5

this was sheer luck, I swear, but assume it wasn't for the purposes of the gauntlet
this was sheer luck, I swear, but assume it wasn't for the purposes of the gauntlet

I'm being pocketed by a Mercy and a Tracer is trying to kill us both. Assume the marksmen know that the bullets will not affect them, can they keep track of the teleporting Brit, and more importantly, can they be aiming at a specific spot and pull the trigger the exact moment that she comes back? This is split-second reactions people.

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I'll reply soon.

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  • CW Arrow - Stops at 5.
  • MCU Hawkeye - Stops at 4.
  • MCU Bullseye - Stops at 5.
  • DCEU Deadshot - Stops at 4.
  • CW Deadshot - Idk.
  • Roland Deschain (Dark Tower) - Who?
  • Wesley Gibson (Wanted) - Who?
  • MCU Punisher - Stops at 2.
  • MCU Grant Ward - Stops at 2.
  • CW Malcolm Merlyn - Stops at 3 or 4.
  • CW Deathstroke - Stops at 2.
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Wesley clears. He is by far the best one here.

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If SG can do it, so can everyone else

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Most of the CW/MCU ones stop at Round 5 IMO.

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I'll talk about CW Arrow as he's the only one here who's marksman feats I know well. I think the first 3 rounds he can clear without much issue. He has enough feats of impressively tagging moving fodder and the like to get through those. 4 is a bit more tricky, but he has the speed feats to switch directions and aim correctly to pull this one off imo. Plus feats like hitting exactly a 45-degree angle quickdraw. The last round is debatable, but if you look at the feats like shooting an arrow out of the air or "tagging" Vixen, then arguably he could pull it off. Not 100% on that tho.

As for a character of my own choice, I'll choose a character with composite sniping feats from World Trigger, who would clear this with ease lmao. They have some truly ridiculous feats. Like head-shotting someone from 600m away as they jump out of a building; sniping someone through a wall based on radar alone; accurately sniping a target from a distance away whilst mid-air upside down and dual-wielding sniper rifles (not joking, that happened). The only potential issue is that they don't have a lot of speed feats I can think of, but if you scale them to other characters in the series who have the speed to react to sniper bullets and more, then they should easily clear.

I'll show some more to hammer home the point:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6

1-2: Double snipe
3: Drawing a smiley face by sniping
4: Reacting to and shooting down multiple grenades from a grenade launcher
5-6: Threading a shot through a swarm of fish from probably close to a kilometre away.

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@kevd4wg said:

If SG can do it, so can everyone else

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Now we have your XBOX gamer tag.

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The thing with this is, what matters in one-shot marksmanship is reactions, draw speed, overall gun/weapon-play, awareness and precision, and it's difficult to find people who can do all that in one package. Out of this list, Green Arrow, Hawkeye and Deadshot (DCEU) and maybe, maybe Grant Ward are the only ones that have everything here 80-100% honed.

Anyway, tldr version of every character listed here that I know of;

  • CW Arrow - he either stops at 4/5 or potentially, clears, he has great sensory and awareness, enough that he might deal with the teleporting, great reaction speed for a LA peak human and the accuracy for headshots
  • MCU Hawkeye - same as above but there's no question he's clearing 1-4 for me, due to his evident ability to pin down targets not even telegraphed, unlike practically everyone else on this list
  • MCU Bullseye - Ironically, I don't recall Dex actually pinpointing moving targets, nor do I remember particularly long-distance shots, I'll say he stops at 3, if not, 4 is a defo. We should see more from him, hopefully Hulu picks up DD
  • DCEU Deadshot - more than likely stops at 5, but I could somewhat picture him clearing. He had solid awareness and more than enough accuracy, but he needs more showings of complete coordination for me to say with confidence he has a shot at doing 5
  • CW Deadshot - probably 3 or 4, he has no real awareness showing I recall of, and his accuracy wasn't particularly established feat-wise
  • MCU Punisher - I'll say he can't do 3, he has cool showings of draw speed and long-distance accuracy, but nothing against moving targets, nor is he very swift
  • MCU Grant Ward - 5. Ward has great showings of awareness, being the second best spy in the MCU, his draw speed is off-charts and headshots are pretty easy for him. That said, I don't think he's fast enough to do 5 fi I'm being honest, reaction speed wise.
  • CW Malcolm Merlyn - Can't see him doing 4, and he might not be able to do 3 either. His best showing that I recall of is pinning down Nyssa with a specialised trick arrow at close range, which isn't massively impressive despite her speed for obvious reasons. He doesn't have many accuracy showings on the other hand
  • CW Deathstroke - if he manages to complete 2, he isn't replicating the third shot. Best thing I recall is some gun kata ambush that showed nice draw speed but nothing else, honestly

I'll present some long-ass arguments for some of these guys here:

CW Green Arrow

  1. Oliver can defo land headshots on moving targets pretty easily if he can hit arrows out of the air, and he has the awareness to pinpoint the Widowmaker's location based on his fodder-wrecking alone, for instance the famous hallway fight where he shoots down armed thugs coming from every angle while keeping track of the other sides.
  2. That's basically predicting the position of a decently fast telegraphed target, Oliver's aforementioned accuracy in the church is enough evidence.
  3. This one is a bit tricker. I mean, it's not so telegraphed until the moment he ricochets off the cliffside, and even then his next position is not particularly clear. I do think the speed difference between this and an arrow should, again, suffice though.
  4. This is where it gets interesting, but Oliver shouldn't have a problem with this. He has enough draw speed to time an RPG with his arrow, so I think this should be enough to suggest he can hit her before the teleportation occurs. As for the second part, Oliver could hear a glock been loaded from inside a building (can't recall the exact scene though), so this should also be enough to suggest he can keep pace with her appearance on the other side of the hallway and shoot her down.
  5. This one is borderline impossible to do without luck given you made the shot before the guy even appeared (as far as I can tell), so it does require "split second" level reactions. I think GA's best reaction showing is either the RPG one or him catching Talia Al Ghul's arrows fired from behind. That depends on how impressed you are by the teleportation's speed in all honesty, but I think that having the precision to actually catch the arrows gives him a shot at replicating the speed here. The thing is making a headshot in that split second, I don't know if he's shown the speed to actually pinpoint a target at these speeds. The RPG feat is the closest to this there is, and I still don't know if that's enough. Has a shot.

MCU Hawkeye

  1. I think this is pretty much what Clint does in this scene only lesser, dodges Chitauri laser blasts that were fast enough to tag Captain America in an identical situation, and he proceeds to headshot the alien on the jet moving at blur speeds from about 200 ft. away. So he can do this. Also worth noting he can use the line of fire from a shooter to land a shot on them, which is pretty relevant here (I'm referencing the scene where he's pep-talking Wanda in Sokovia and the Sentries shoot through the wall they're behind).
  2. This is again, comparable to this shot made by Clint with his back turned, predicting the next position of a higher speed target than what you tagged there and pinning it down with his back turned.
  3. For this, I'll reference one of Clint's upper tier shots made in Sokovia, I'll just copy and paste my CaV analysis of him shooting down a high speed, wildly maneuvering Ultron sentry. The factors to consider: a) Clint was at a good distance away, at least 30-40 ft., b) The Ultron Sentry was not only hovering very swiftly, moving extremely fast in the air, it was also moving in a highily unpredictable manner. Not a lot of marskemen have showings like this, but pinning down non-telegraphed targets is on a tier of its own, in every category, from accuracy to draw speed. So Clint should be able to time this shot pretty easily.
  4. This is again where it gets interesting. Clint's reflexes and the way in which they compliment his bow have been noted from more than a single canonical sources and they're evident by him timing the lasers of the Chitauri, and his draw speed is off-charts, drawing and firing 3 arrows from his quiver one after the other in 1.9 second(s), and noting he can do more than that. I think he can replicate the first part of this shot, so what's left is awareness. Clint is hugely aware of his surroundings too, as any great archer is, he's prevented Wanda and even Black Widow from sneaking up on him, the latter being able to sneak up on Loki, which is quite impressive. I think he can turn back and headshot in time, similar to this.
  5. Again, this is the shot I'm unsure of. I think I've noted Clint's reactions and draw speed above, as well as his ability to keep pace with the teleportation, but the thing is landing a headshot this fast in such an instinctive manner. I don't think I can confidently argue so, just like with Ollie.

DCEU Deadshot

  1. Floyd should have sufficient awareness to pinpoint the position of the Widowmaker (esspecially give she's already made a shot at him), and from there on it's up to hitting a moving target. A pretty underrated showing of Deadshot's is hitting the grenade thrown by Killer Crock in mid air to destroy Enchantress' heart (I think, whatever that thing was, I need to rewatch the movie). Keep in mind that this grenade was moving at comparable speeds to those of the bullet shot by Floyd, meaning the projectile was pretty damn fast. Also keep in mind that Floyd would have to time the shot perfectly to hit the bomb and have it go off at point blank from that heart-thing they had to destroy.
  2. Basically the same as above, Deadshot shot down a faster projectile before it was free-falling (like you did), which is a lot more ridiculous.
  3. Pretty much the same as above for me.
  4. Now, draw speed (+ fire rate) wise, I think Deadshot outperforming practically an entire team of Navy Seals against the Eyes of the Adversary is pretty impressive. Additionally, the overused aforementioned feat shows great timing, enough to suggest he can make the shot IMO. Ironically, despite him not having as good stealth showings and/or training as someone like Hawkeye or Green Arrow, he has a direct showing of circumventing a teleporting opponent. Enchantress was pretty skilled and dangerous with her teleportation, yet when she attempted to ghost Floyd specifically, he noticed and countered her from behind. I think this enough to say he can replicate this shot.
  5. The final one, which I'm still not certain or confident he can do is basically a combination of all the above if you're to make an argument. I think he's gonna outperform practically everyone here besides Clint in terms of raw marksmanship skill with more fleshed out showings.

As for an additional marksman, I'll probably do MCU Black Widow tomorrow, but I'm too tired rn.