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  • Jiren is fresh and bloodlust, team morals on.

  • UI Omen 3rd Goku And Black Arc Vegito, Both Time Limit is ON But They Know How Long.

  • No Infinite Zamasu no MUI.

  • TOP Arena No Rules.

  • Anime/Manga.

  • Win By KO/Death.

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Manga Vegito and Zamasu should be canonically above than Beerus.

GoD Toppo and SSBE Vegeta are at base Jiren level.

3rd omen Goku is almost same level as full powered Jiren.

I think team wins because of numbers.

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Jiren wins.

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Goku alone gives him a run for his money the rest make it comfortable win for the team

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@thenewguysnm1: Full power jiren pre limit break was overwhelming 3rd UI goku. LB jiren would easily beat 3rd ui goku considering he even managed to beat MUI goku before the rage and friend boost.

Though vegito blue should be enough

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Friendship Boost MUI > LB Jiren > MUI Goku > 3rd UI > Normal Jiren >Beerus > Vegito > Zamasu > Vegeta > Toppo

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Jiren wins! Vegeta, Toppo and Goku are all well below limit breaker Jiren. Both Goku and Vegeta lost against Jiren before he went limit breaker and Toppo is around Vegeta’s level. All three of them are irrelevant.

It is hard to figure out how strong Vegeto and Zamasu are in comparison with the characters in the ToP. But I think overall an all out Jiren wins.

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Jiren wins. Ui goku, vegeta, toppo and zamasu are irrelevant.

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LB Jiren take this.

LB Jiren > 3rd UI Goku > Vegeta > Toppo > Vegito > Zamasu

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The numbers advantage rarely helps in dragon ball...