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Poll: Kylo Ren ep. 8 Vs Luke ep. 6 (24 votes)

Luke 83%
Kylo 17%

In character, Kylo is not injured, who wins and why

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If Luke can beat Vader, even if hindered by emotions, he should be able to beat Kylo.

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At least make it episode 4 Luke to make things remotely fair for Kylo.

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If Luke can beat Vader, even if hindered by emotions, he should be able to beat Kylo.

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At least make it episode 4 Luke to make things remotely fair for Kylo.

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Luke clowns.

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This version of Luke wins. Kylo would beat ESB Luke though.

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Luke wastes him, lmao. Why anyone would think this is fair is beyond me.

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Luke makes Kylo his bitch

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I'm going to actually analyze feats instead of use 1 word answers.

Ep 6 Luke and Kylo both mostly relied on strong strikes, Luke's general style was massively unrefined at that time and he demonstrated this thoroughly every chance he had and this is supported by Luke leaving Yoda before his training was complete.

Kylo on the other side was pretty much the same with one major difference, his style wasn't unrefined, it was just weird due to the cross guard hilt.

In this regard, I would say theyre fairly equal.

In terms of force power...Kylo has some craaaaaazy feats like holding a blaster shot in mid air, conducting his business and then releasing the shot after he had left the area.

He obviously has some serious training and power in this area, whereas Luke was quite good with his force TK abilities and not much else. Both were rae powerhouses though.

Overall I'd baaaarely guve this to Lukr. Like 6/10 because good force TK is going to be a game winning asset.

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Kylo has always seemed overhyped to me. He's displayed a couple of esoteric powers that we haven't really seen onscreen before, but his feats so far consist of

-"Pausing" a blasterbolt

-Using force stasis on a couple of non-force-users

-Pulling down a hovel on top of old Luke (Who didn't seem to be defending himself in any way)

-Killing Luke's Padawans (potentially with the assistance of the Knights of Ren)

-Losing to a force-sensitive girl who never used a lightsaber (admitted he was injured and mentally unprepared)

-Tricking Snoke with a stupid "From a certain point of view" thought pattern

-Outclassing Featless Praetorian guards (they seem to be intended to be highly skilled, but I wasn't too impressed with that showing)

-Matching Rey in a game of Force tug-of-war

Meanwhile, ROTJ Luke managed to beat Vader (who wasn't going all out, but didn't seem to be taking it absurdly easy on his son). Also, I assume all of the "New Canon" feats apply, so Luke has pretty strong Saber showings and decent TK showings.

Luke wins 9.5/10. Kylo's only hope is that Force stasis works on ROTJ Luke, which I doubt it will. He's just outclassed in all other areas.

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Kylo Ren has more experience via years of training in the force vs Luke who had at most 1 or 2 years of training. But due to inherting his father hidden power, Episode 6 Luke was arguably Elite Jedi Knight Level power wise. Luke was able to Stalemate Vader regularly but overpower him once he submitted to his Rage. He showed a lot of promise and potential, getting only stronger. But as time passed with age his strength and mobility got slower. So the version that is in Episode 8 is a much stronger in the force but physically and speed wise weaker than he once was in Episode 6.

But if this was Episode 5 Luke then Kylo Ren would no sell anything Luke would attack with.