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Kiritsugu Emiya


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Souichirou Kuzuki


  • In-Character, though serious and determined to win
  • Standard gear; Kiritsugu has his Calico M950, Thompson Contender w/ origin rounds, a pair of knifes and Avalon. Kuzuki has Caster's reinforcement, wearing his glasses and can use any weapon he used as an assassin
  • Win by death only
  • No prep, random encounter
  • Fight takes place in an abandoned warehouse, 30 feet apart from eachother

Bonus Rounds:

  1. Kiritsugu doesn't have Avalon, Kuzuki doesn't have Caster's reinforcement
  2. Both have an hour of prep and full knowledge

Who wins and why?

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Kiritsugu likely wins round 1 due to Avalon and his Accel’s letting him deal with Kuzuki’s superior stats long enough to get an opening to attack.

Kiritsugu stomps round 2

Kiritsugu further stomps round 3

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It's honestly anyone's guess how well Kuzuki would do against bullets with Caster's amp.