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King Thanos


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In character

Winner by KO, Incapacitation or Death

Random encounter

Standard gear and abilities (Knull has the All-Black)

Fight takes place on an uninhabited & indestructible Earth-like planet

Who'd win? For what reasons?

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Thanos clobberstomps, mismatch.

He one shotted a guy who fought All-Black’s user for centuries.

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Knull might get better feats but as of right now King Thanos should win.

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The God of Symbiotes? Wow. What're his feats? As it stands, Thanos should win.

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Knull killed Celestials, but King Thanos even fought Galactus for years and won. He presumably killed all the Celestials as well. So King Thanos should win.

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Idk anything about Knull but I know King Thanos one shotted Galactus

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I cant handle the name Knull. It translates to hardcore sex in Swedish.

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Both need more feats but King Thanos wins based on what he has done.

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King thanos for now.

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I don't know anything about this Null character.

Can't debate based on knowledge of just 1 character.

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Probably Thanos.

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Thanos wins.

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@killemall: He killed a Celestial and created the Nercosword.

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Knull needs for feats.

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Knull did decapitate a Celestial with a single strike, create all-black the necrosword and is older than the universe itself. However, King Thanos is pretty much a fanfic character, so he automatically wins.

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Given the details above I would think Knull would win.

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Knull one-shots. King Thanos's performance against Galactus was pure PIS, he later struggled and was humiliated by base-level Thanos who himself is nowhere near close to Galactus.

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Going with Knull.

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Given the details above I would think Knull would win.

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As much as i love Knull, Thanos wins.