King Kong 2017 vs Small Muto

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Fight takes place on Skull Island

Each 100ft from each other

Who wins?

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Didn't the small muto fly? Anyways I think small muto also has better defensive feats than kong. Muto 7/10

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Muto lifted a 48 000 tons submarine for 100s of kilometers, dragged and even damaged godzilla. He rips Kong in half

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This is a mismatch. Muto was a match for Godzilla, he stomps.

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The male muto (smaller one) wins here

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Oh crap, I was thinking of the wrong MUTO.

The male one still wins though, although it's not a stomp.

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technically theyre all MUTOs so ill just call him the flying locust kaiju

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M.U.T.O. has more defense and speed compared to Kong,he only has attack

M.U.T.O. shall win

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Kong should be relatively more larger though in 2020, considering it’s been over 40+ years.

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Kong gets torn to shreds...

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If kong cant beat it then they have no business putting him up against godzilla.

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@nerdchore: 2017 Kong is a baby Kong. The fully grown one will fight Godzilla.

Muto one shots, just rips Kong in half.

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I'm assuming this is the newborn Muto, it still stomps Kong tho. The full grown ass one would straight-up one shot Kong.