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The huge Gorilla Kong is facing off against the superhero Scarlet Witch in this big battle.

Bloodlusted Match.

Location: Skull Island Jungles

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Witch, because the 2005 Kong is garbage. But also because Kong doesn't really have any way of getting close to her. She'd hex him before he knew she was there. I think this is borderline spite.

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She could probably kill the big king Kong

She lifted those war machines in wakanda with ease

Tk Kong and pierce his skull with a surrounding object

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Spite. Make it 2017 Kong and then we have a fight.

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People need to stop putting 2005 Kong against characters superior to super soldier level. Even MCU Spidey (without armor) would beat him.

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Wanda would beat 2005, 2017, and even a composite 2005/2017 Kong...

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Mismatch. She can most likely beat even the 2017 one. 2005 Kong gets absolutely stomped.

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Animal cruelty