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All morals on

Kenpachi bankai not allowed

Fight takes place at marineford

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Kenapchi low difficulty. He has dealt with lava before, can destroy souls, so logia shouldn't be a problem, and can casually bust giant meteors in shikai.

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I would limit it to just base Kenpachi for the fight to be fair.

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Kenpachi stomps any character from One Piece.

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Kenpachi murderstomps. Mismatch. Kenpachi could clear One Piece.

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Kenpachi One shots.

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Why morals on? Neither of them have morals.

Anyway, Kenny low diff.

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He gives Akainu the White Beard special a fist through the chest

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What's his cutting potency and heat durability? And how does he hurt a Logia ?

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Has Kenpachi ever dealt with Akainu's level of heat?

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Kenpachi oneshots with his shikai.

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Kenpachi wins