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  • Random encounter
  • In character
  • Win by any means

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I'd back Doffy.

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#3 Posted by HypeBeastCSB15 (1281 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd back Naruto.

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I'd back luffy.

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I'd back Ulquiorra 69th form and Zlatan Aizenmović.

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Naruto stomps

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Parasite string gg.

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Doflamingo wins.

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Doffy should low diff.

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Naruto no-sold Sasuke's chidori at VoTE 1 which contributed half the energy to a hill level explosion. KCM1 Naruto scales massively off of 1 tailed Naruto.

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@streak619: Are you talking about the chidori that Naruto Healed from?

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I’m a bigger Naruto fan but even I know Doff takes this. KCM has speed advantage, but not the power to take Doff down. Naruto Biju Mode Post Neji Death would win though.

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Doffy ragdolls

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Doffy, easily.

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If I recall right, wasn’t kcm physically weaker then sage mode?

Doffy’s more durable, stronger, maybe faster, and has greater variety of attacks.

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Nardo high diffs, solely because Doffy can't tank a Rasenshuriken, and Naruto is damn good at pulling off surprise attacks against guys with precog.

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Naruto mid diff. at very most. Doffu is not taking down hundred of KCM Clones that can spam Rasenshuriken, Mini Bijuudama, Chou OodamaRasengan Barrages and so on. Then Naruto is faster by feats with 2 precogs. KCM Naruto murks.

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Doffy will play games with this Naruto

he’s too versatile

in characte doffy wins

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Funny how people came to the conclusion that naruto would hit doffy with a rasenshiruken even though doffy has flight, superior precog than anyone naruto fought in this form,and also has awakening to deal with clones and defend ...but can't even explain how naruto would answer to parasite strings how he's going to deal with awakening since he doesn't have flight and he would be directly standing on top of doffys awakened strings. And please don't tell me naruto has any thing in his arsenal that can break strings far stronger than ones that can easily no sell the impact of two meteorites

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Probably Doflamingo, but it's a good fight.

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Naruto stomp. One rasenshuriken its all that takes

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Naruto should take this with high deff.

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Why do people wank the rasenshuriken? It's a city block level attack lol.

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Doflamingo wins.

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Naruto takes this.

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Doflamingo due to his strength and durability. Naruto can win if he can land multiple rasenshuriken, but I think Doflamingo will end up chopping Naruto up before that happens.

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Doffy is too strong and durable, Rasenshuriken is the only thing that would really hurt him. Haki may or may not stop one.

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Doflamingo would win majority of the battles, naruto only chance to even injure him is via a Rasenshurikken but with Mingo Haki and DF ability allowing him the mobility in the air the chances of that hitting are very low, naruto is also completely out a way of fighting since he could in no way shape or form get close to doflamingo or else he would be punch to death.

9/10 for Doflamingo.

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Doflamingo wins