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Katniss Everdeen

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Lara Croft

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  • Location: Jungle.
  • Morals on.
  • Standard Gear.
  • Pictured/ movie versions.
  • A win by KO/Death.

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In movies ? Katniss is much more skilled to me. Katniss wins

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Fatniss Everdeen loses due to turning me on less.

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Bro I’m watching the hunger games right now this is so coincidental.

On topic: Katniss is really impressive with a bow, and rarely ever misses a shot. I think she wins this but I’m not sure tbh

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Going Lara.

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Lara has much better H2H and probably reaction time feats. Katniss only hope is explosive arrows.

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More accurate and more experienced

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Lara Craft (Angelina Jolie) >> Katniss Everdeen >> Lara Craft (2018 Tomb Raider remake).

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i have not seen the remake but angelina jolie version kicks her ass

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If the battle is ranged, Katniss should take it on account of better accuracy with the bow and arrow. If it's H2H, I give it to Lara.