Katana vs Hawkeye

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When the master samurai takes on the master archer, who will win?

Composite pre/post flashpoint feats for Katana

Katana has her Soultaker and throwing stars. Clint has his standard gear (includes any trick arrows he consistently uses, nothing op though)

While the Soultaker's cutting power is admittedly kinda inconsistent, for the sake of debate, assume Clint's bow can block it (though if it seems fairer to say otherwise, I'm open to changing that)

Fight takes place in an urban environment at night. Starting distance is 60 feet

Both are in character. Victory by ko

Who wins?

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I could make an argument for Clint, but I'm inclined to back Katana for now because of her speed and martial arts. She's a horrible matchup for ranged experts.

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