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Location: Yellowstone National Park.

- No prep time. Win via K.O. or Incapacitation.
- Both are in character. - Picture versions.

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Unlike Spider man who holds back, Kaine does not, and those stingers are the needed edge to by pass Puma's durability.

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it looks that puma always use to want to test spiderman ( peter parker ) and he never wanted to really hurt him the only time i seen a serious puma is when he fought wolverine in the tournament but that was really PIS puma wouldve ripped wolverine shouldve beaten wolverine up but wolverine beat puma mainly being it was a tournament and its a closed in environment where puma cant use his full agility but he didnt he even i think puma gave the school spiderman teaches grant money i read that somewhere am i right? ... seriously i dont think puma ever wanted to really hurt spiderman so im going to go with puma here being we never seen a serious puma

i think puma had the pontential to be like vemon and make peter shake in his boots i know we are talking about kaine but close enough

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Kaine definitely wins