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In character

Take place in Wano

Base Kaido

Pre ts Kizaru

No prep

No knowledge

Who wins ?

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Kaido eventually beats him to death.

Kaido blitzed luffy who has reacted to pure light beams shot from pacifista which were harnessed from kizaru so I wouldn't say kaido is at a massive speed disadvantage however kizaru is the strongest marine so neither is significantly outclassed.

Kaido durability wins this though

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Kaido would win

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Kaido with relative ease.

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Kizaru can't win this. In character he'd never try and take on Kaido by himself unless he had no other option.

Although the guys comparing Kizaru to Luffy should stop. All of The Admirals are capable of one shotting Luffy. Luffy is no where near the Admirals level of power yet. Right now every Admiral would beat Luffy without using full effort.

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Hard facts^^^

He’s speaking da truth

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Kaido is one step above any admiral.

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Any Yonko > Any Admiral 1v1