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Poll: Justice League vs MCU Avengers (5 votes)

Justice League murderstomps, too much firepower 60%
Avengers ftw 20%
Supes solos 0%
Thor solos 0%
Barry phaseblitz them into oblivion 0%
Vers solos 0%
Hal solos 0%
Strange solos 0%
Batfleck solos 0%
Steve solos 0%
Oliver solos 0%
Stalemate 20%

Justice League: DCEU Superman, Batfleck, Shazam, WW, Cyborg, Aquaman, Current CW Flash (Non Jobbing), The Atom, Green Arrow, Black Canary (Sara), Hawkman, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds)

Avengers: Stormbreaker Thor, Binary Vers, IW Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Vision, Wanda, Steve, Bucky, Natasha, Hawkeye, Iron Spidey, BP, Warmachine, Ant-Man, Wasp and Quicksilver

Fight take place in Metropolis, 50 ft apart

Standard gear

No morals/blood-lusted on with basic knowledge

Any win conditions

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#1 Posted by CaptainSweatpan (974 posts) - - Show Bio

The first voting options leads me to think you already know who wins and that you made a lopsided battle

The Avengers need help from their FOX counterparts like the DCEU with CW, Phoenix Jean, Xavier, FOX Quicksilver and Collosus would have helped to balance everything out

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#2 Posted by Bayman007 (1543 posts) - - Show Bio

JL stomp

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#3 Posted by CyberpunkCop (3406 posts) - - Show Bio

This isn't fair

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#4 Posted by Supermanthor (18928 posts) - - Show Bio


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#5 Posted by newyorkjetsarecool (150 posts) - - Show Bio

If the avengers have their whole mcu roster they win by numbers. Thor Hulk and Captain Marvel can take supes, iron man beats Batman Vision beats WW Strange beats Flash Spidey and Ant man take down cyborg Black panther and cap beat Arthur. Green lantern is the only problem, but I’m sure once doctor strange is done with flash he can hold him