justice league (new earth) runs a gauntlet

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core members: martian manhunter, superman, batman, flash, green lantern(hal jordan),aquaman(orin), wonder woman

7 of them accepted a challenge and would participate in a gauntlet

location: our universe irl

timelimit: none

round 1 - 10 world war hulks

round 2 - perfect cell

round 2 - silver surfer (intangibility off)

round 3 - mr. majestic and black adam (morals off)

round 4 - midora[from toriko] (morals off)

round 5 - larfleeze and zoom

round 6 - darkseid and thanos(darkseid isn't pre-crisis, thanos without ig)

round 7 - enrico pucci(made in heaven) and funny valentine(love train)

can they clear these rounds and win the gauntlet?