Julius replaces Minato in 'attack of Kyuubi & Obito on Konoha'

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Julius Novachrono (Black Clover) replaces Namikaze Minato


Konoha defense against Obito and Kyuubi (Naruto)

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Rules :

All at their canon selves time period

Julius starts at the place where Kushina gives birth

Win by :

- Making sure Naruto & Julius himself lives (would be nice if he can actually save every-single-one-person-in-Konoha though)

- Kill/BFR/incapacitate Obito & Kyuubi

In chatracters for everyone. Everyone would treat Julius as if he's the actual Minato (despite Julius' protests, if he has any)

First encounter (Julius has absolutely no knowledge on his enemies' abilities. But he knows enough to know of his objective to save Konoha)

All continuities

Round 1 : Speed Equalized

Round 2 : Speed Normal

How would Julius do? Can he do better than Minato in defending Konoha?