Jotaro Kujo (Star Platinum) VS Johnny Joestar (Tusk act 4)

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Jotaro from the start of Part 6 VS Johnny at the end of part 7.

Round 1: both in character for that time period, fight in random desert, Johnny is on Slow dancer and has one steel ball, starting distance 20 meters.

Round 2: same but Jotaro can't stop time and Johnny only has act 3.

Who wins ?

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I'm pretty sure Jotaro has better speed feats, and that combined with time stop should mean that he comfortably takes the match, 8/10.

For round 2, It'd be 6-7/10 in Jotaro's favor. Act 4 really isn't that important to Johnny's arsenal, and removing Jotaro's time-stop takes away a usual tactic. But his speed feats still means he takes a majority.

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Johnny takes round 1 more times than not.

He figured out Diego’s time stop after only a few times so it’ll only take him 1 time stop from Jotaro to connect the 2. Then throw in the fact Diego’s The World > Part 6 SPTW and Jotaro having no knowledge of Johnny and I can see him getting an infinite rotation off to win.

Round 2 probably goes to Johnny too tbh.

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bump getting some conflicting opinions here

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Round 1 Johnny with relative no difficulty since any part of tusk 4 destroys star platinum. Infinite rotation would be the death of him.

Round 2 Jotaro mid difficulty since he dwarfs Tusk in speed, power and versatility.