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  • 1vs1
  • Trial by Combat
  • Their usual weapons and armor
  • Fight to death
  • Show version
  • Both in their prime
  • Take place in the Dragonpit
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Books version

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#2 Posted by deactivated-5a220d15cc740 (2527 posts) - - Show Bio

Jorah by feats. Thoros by reputation (ASoIaF).

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Jorah by feats. Thoros by reputation (ASoIaF).

This, basically.

I'd back Thoros myself.

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Jorah solidly.

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Thoros for his excellent taste in liquor.

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Jorah by feats in the show

Maybe thoros books

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Thoros in both the books and the show. Probably in a stomp but maybe not.

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Jorah for show version, but Thoros for novels.

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Jorah wins.

I totally want a Jorah, Davos, and Tormund side-story.

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in the show i gotta give it to jorah : he fought numerous opponents (lot of them had different fighting styles)
and even in the fighting pits and he never lost a fight ...
show jorah is only one level below characters like brienne or clegane bros ...