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Round 1:Bryan Mills(Composite)

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Round 2:MCU Punisher

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Round 3:Hobbs and Shaw

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Round 4:Darius Kincaid & Michael Bryce

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Round 5:James Bond

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Round 6:Ethan Hunt

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Round 7:Jason Bourne

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Round 8:Eggsy Unwin

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Round 9:Frank Martin

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Round 10:Agent 47

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Round 11:Sam Fisher

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  • All Feats are Allowed
  • Basic Knowledge for John
  • Don't complain about the order of the list, just says can Wick could clear the list or not
  • Canon feats only for the Gauntlet
  • can he defeat them and why ?


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Round 1:Pure Hand to hand combat

Round 2:Go all out(all gears and weapons)

Round 3:Same as round 2 but all is bloodlusted(John thinks they killed his dog and stole his car,and they think John kill their beloved and important person to them)

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Stops at Mattew Quigley

(Starts getting dangerous at James Bond and up, could die anywhere. Does not clear agent 47)

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Stops at Eggsy all Rounds I think

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He’s not even beating MCU Punisher for a majority

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Round 1: Stops at Frank.

Rounds 2-3: Doesn't get past Mills.

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Hard stop at 2.

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Round 1 Might lose to Hobbs/Shaw with good team work. Soft stop at Eggsy. Hard stop at Frank Martin every time, who only loses h2h to 47 in this list.

Round 2 Soft stop at Bond, hard stop at 47 every time - but I am not sure I see him taking the majority off of people like Frank.

Round 3 Soft stop at Bond, hard stop at 47 every time - but I am not sure I see him taking the majority off of people like Frank.

The only difference I see in round 2 and 3 is that I think Bourne will be a much tougher fight, given how mentality of the fighters go into play. Mills might also be in this, but it won't make him much of a threat even still. Not entirely convinced of much of the other ones. Doesn't change my answer though.

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Punisher, bourne, agent 47, and fisher are problems for wick in his environment. the rest have chances but wick wins the majority. for round 3 1/10 to clear.

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Round 1 : stop at 1.

Round 2 : stop at 2

Round 3 : stop at 2.

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All canon feats contain the comics too and by that

R1: Stops at 8

R2: Stops at 10

R3: Stops at 10

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h2h Wick not get past Frank Martin, other rounds stops at 47 everytime...wait does Sam Fisher have live action interpretation of the character?

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Stops at 2 all rounds.

This order is dumb.