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The Legendary Sannin

Jiraiya and Tsunade
Jiraiya and Tsunade
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The Eternal Rivals

Kakashi and Guy
Kakashi and Guy


  • In character
  • Basic knowledge
  • No prep time
  • Kakashi cannot decaptate his enemies via Kamui (with the exception of summons), Guy can open Inner Gates from 1 to 7
  • Standard equipment + Kubikiribōchō for Kakashi
  • Jiraiya and Tsunade at their primes, War Arc Kakashi and Guy
  • Victory by KO, incapacitation or death
  • The battle takes place in the Valley of the End


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Either on team 2 could solo

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Team 2 with some difficulty.

Guy would have to go into the 7th gate to guarantee the win

No one except 7th gate guy even comes close to soloing lmao

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Team 1 with difficulty.

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If Tsuna lands a hit on either of them, she would cause serious damage and her 100 healing jutsu would make it hard for either Kakashi or Guy to really damage her. But Kakashi and Guy have a tremendous speed advantage and ways of hurting them or outright killing Jiraiya. Guy and Kakashi win in the end. War Arc Kakashi was just a monster and Guy going even 6th gate can he trouble but 7th gate is overkill

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Jiraiya and Tsuande win. Kakashi is definitely the weakest here, especially with him not being allowed to kamui snipe people's heads off. Tsunade's healing jutsu would make it so even if she got pierced by chidori she would survive, while she would probably one shot Kakashi if she landed a direct hit. 7th gates Guy would be troublesome, but if Jiraiya summons Gamabunta and if Tsunade summons Katsuyu I don't see how he will deal with all that. Plus Jiraiya can go sage mode, use frog song, summon the inside of a toad's mouth, ect.

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team 1

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I got team 1 high difficulty, Jiraiya MVP.

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Kamui, DMS & 8th Gate, Restrictions make this a low to mid diff match favor to Team 1

Better overal stats, better experience and teamplay, far more stamina and durability, more versatility and utility.

People keep dreamin even Kakashi's himself stated his ınferiority against sannin 2 times (once in Part 1 once in Part 2 so its a consistent thing)

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How powerful is gate 7 again?

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7 gates guy solos.

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Team 1 wins. Guy cant just open up to the 7th gate and Kakashi is the weak ling without being able to use Kamui.