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Whew. Tough one. None of these guys compare to kenobi except Mace. Maul was fighting kenobi on even footing. Savage slammed Adi Galla. Literally lel. Goddamn such a high showing for him honestly. Mace can take Dooku based on his showing against palp. I do believe all these masters are beyond Galla. Eh. Really good fight honestly. So it comes down to Mace vs Dooku and Saesee, Kolar and Fisto against maul and savage. Im gonna say sith. Outnumbered but. Maul performs well against kenobi every time they meet.

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Jedi sweep

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hmm I think it will be an extremely close fight and could go either way. Gonna side with the Jedi for a very slight majority

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We'd probably see a one-on-one between Dooku and Windu, and a three-on-two between the others. This really depends on who falls first. I think it'll either be Savage or Tiin. While my first reaction was that the Jedi would take this, I can see Savage outlasting Saesee Tiin. If he does, he and Maul may be able to finish Fisto and Kolar before Dooku loses his fight to Mace. If I was placing odds I'd say Dooku's team wins 6/10.

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Tough one, but the Sith team takes this in an hell of a fight. Dooku vs Windu is a battle of equals, but Savage can take one Jedi and Maul the other two.

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The Jedi win.