Janemba vs Thor

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Thanks! If it were longer then people may not have read it lol! JK! :)

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Are you serious? Broly in his restricted form one-shoted a galaxy. 
The weakest character in DC/Marvel that can defeat Janemba would be someone like Odin or SHAZAM.


This is spite.

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janemba wins
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@AnimeRocks said:
" janemba wins "
Why do you always bump DBZ threads?
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janemba, i see thor as more of an USS2 in power...or something along hte lines of power between SS2 and 3.
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That's Ragnarok in that photo. 

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Tbh I've always veiwed it huge PIS for the z fighters to beat anyone Frieza and beyond. 
Goku had power level of 180,000 and got hurt semi badly and ended up in the 3,000,000 range after healing. 
Vegeta had 18,000 on earth nearly died and ended up with a power level of 24,000 after healing.  
Goku should of been around 200,000 without the PIS(not 3,000,000)
50% full power Frieza had a power level  of 60,000,000 and was bombarding base goku(3,000,000) with punches for 20 minutes. Something from someone 20x your power should do more than wear you out a bit. 
Now i'll skip the androids and go straight to Cell. Teinshinhan was considered very useless at this point. Yet out of nowhere he comes and has a new attack able to phase semi-perfect Cell? Cell being designed as the smartest fighter in Dbz should of noticed that this was the most powerful technique he'd ever come across. 
Cell should of focused on learning this attack rather than being obsessed with fighting the saiyans with the kamehameha and the special beam cannon. 
Perfect Cell somehow spit out andriod 18 (who was supposed to be absorbed completely)after being punched in the gut by ssj2 Gohan.(If Cell learned the neo trio beam teinshinhan used could have one shotted Gohan) 
He reverts back into semi perfect cell and self destructs(supposedly having enough power to take out everyone including ssj2 Gohan) 
He regerates from a single cell and learns instant transmission,he also claims since 18 was already apart of his design,she wasn't need for him to be complete. 
So why did he end up reverting in the first place is she wasn't needed? 
If he still retained all his capabilites why didn't he self destruct in super perfect form? 
He was confident that he could take out ssj2 Gohan that way in semi perfect form and ended up killing Goku. 
In super perfect form he should have done this without a doubt. 
In the beam struggle with Gohan he endeds up seeing that the other Z fighters are allowing an injured Gohan keep up,why didn't he spawn super perfect cell juniors to his aid? 
If the weaker perfect cell jrs from before bested everyone (except Gohan)  + Goku. Then these super perfect cell juniors could of easily taken care of the other z fighters,even if he only spawned 1 this time instead of 7. 
when he was being over powered by Gohan and saw that he couldn't win this, why didn't he just use instant transmission? He was shown to be the most skilled fighter in all of Dbz.  
  He could of use I.T to get out of the way and come back to finish off everyone after they're drained. 
After all the andriods were said to have an unlimited source of stamina,shouldn't cell after absorbing 2 of them have the same?
Now for the Buu saga,magical pnk demon who can regenerate on a molecular level.He was dumb,became smart. 
He could of absorbed everyone from the beginning,turned Vegito into something like a brownie instead,or maybe the portable bathroom he did with that rock. 
I could go on but you see the point.
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@Pr_Beyonder: DBZ has its problems for sure, but I think a lot of the points you bring up aren't too hard to address, and a lot of them don't seem to even really support your first point (shouldn't be able to fight anyone above Freeza), but more has to do with poor combat strategy.  
Freeza wasn't 50% until later in his fight with base Goku. At that point, he was completely owning him. That's when he blocked the 20x kaio-ken Kamehameha with one hand. Before that, Goku was using the 10x (I think) kaio-ken, which boosts him to 30 million, and Freeza was fighting far below 50% of his max.

Vegeta also had a huge power boost after the fight with Recoome, going from something like 30,000 to around 500,000 (even with Freeza's first form). After he got Krillin to attack him, he would have to be at least a couple million (superior to Freeza's 3rd form). Goku was also in the process of evolving into a super saiyan even then, so I think these abnormally large zenkais were kind of a reflection of that. Remember that Vegeta could tell he was turning into a super saiyan when he first showed up against the Ginyu Force, so there must be a little something else to it besides the hair.
I can agree with you on Tien. There's no way even the Kikoho should have had that much punch. At least in the manga he only uses it like 3 times before he starts to die, as opposed to like 20x in the anime. And at least there's no indication that it actually harmed Cell, it just held him down. Even so, this was pretty ridiculous.

Cell spitting out 18 was kind of obviously to bring back a character that I guess Toriyama didn't want to actually kill. It's a little contrived, but it doesn't really have anything to do with how strong the saiyans should or should not be. That he later somehow became perfect without her also doesn't really have to do with their power levels either (in fact, it sounds more like you're arguing that he should have stayed semi-perfect, making it easier for them to beat him). And maybe there was some latent info from her or something like a recessive gene, and he effectively needed to get rebooted before his body could process it. I dunno. Things like that are hardly out of line in comics either.
His self-destruct was supposed to have enough power to destroy the planet, which is pretty undesirable to everyone, regardless of whether the blast itself would kill them. 
Remember that he's far more conceited in Perfect form than semi-perfect form. Much like Vegeta, he finds it impossible to believe that anyone could actually defeat him, so entertaining the idea of retreat, or even IT, or something as extreme as self-destruction, probably just doesn't occur to him easily. He also wasn't even sure he'd survive the first self-destruct, so he might be gambling every time he does it. And again, he thought he was going to win anyway; the self-destruct tactic actually required some time, which he had because Gohan was screwing around. By the time Gohan was actually winning, Cell was probably in such shock of being overpowered that IT didn't occur to him (he'd only learned it like 5 minutes ago, so it's not like he was a pro with it either). Plus, interrupting a beam struggle to move your fingers to your forehead might not be a great idea; if Gohan's beam is faster than Cell's arm, then he'd get hit anyway.

I believe the other Z-fighters attacking him was actually anime filler, and not in the manga (though frankly I think it makes sense for them to at least try, and is actually a bit of filler I appreciate). Even apart from this, again, Cell still thought his victory was assured. It's not like they were having a real impact on the beam struggle, they were just irritating. The time and effort it would take him to pop out a Cell Junior would probably be greater than simply enduring the minor irritation they were causing. It wasn't until Vegeta shot him in the back that things actually went bad for him.
Cell was different from the Androids. He was all biological, and I think he only took their biological bits (he couldn't drain or absorb 16 at all, who was purely mechanical).
I don't think Buu actually liked resorting to the absorption method, he liked beating people up. He only did it when he was in serious danger of losing. It changes his whole personality, so it kind of makes sense that he wouldn't want to do it just at the drop of a hat. 
The gumball thing was obviously played for laughs. Taking a scene like that seriously is really overanalyzing things.
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@erik: And...?
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This is too easy for Janemba.

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@Ferro Vida said:
"Thor@Janemba: "Away, Varlet! Thy touch offends me!" "
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 I never grow tired of people like you jumping at the chance to go into a dbz thread and just start spewing a bunch of sh!t all the while not knowing what theyre talking about. I mean what does anything you said have to do with thor vs janemba..please tell me...oh nothing? Awesome

Yup goku went from 180,000 to 3,000,000....i'm sorry did akira come out adn say that there was a limit on how strong someone gets when the saiyans do there thing? No so basically you're just calling it PIS to cal it PIS...awesome. Not to mention the fact that vegeta went from 30,000 to 500,000...making everything you just said non sense...good job.

Frieza wasnt 50% power until later on in the fight....and Goku was using Kaoiken times 10 to increase his power level to 30,000,000.

Tien phase semi perfect cell? I'm sorry i didnt realize holding someone dwn and not doing any damage at all = phasing someone. By cells own words all he did was get in his way.

XD what? Cell should have learned teins attack (which he already knows from having his dna) and blah blah blah.I'm sorry that doesnt even make sense.
Did he say he had enough power to take out gohan..oh no...he just said the planet. Along with 6 billion people on earth, his pals who cant breath in space and are to weak to survive the blast..etc etc. 
Completely does not = permanently..and he said that he was able to regenerate back into his perfect form after self destructing he said nothing of never needing her. XD one shot gohan..because tien held down cell (didnt hurt him at all) with an attack...brilliant.

Uhmm because he never said that and you have o ida what you're talking about?

LOL like honestly you ask a lot of stupid questions. Besides the fact that Cell was confident that he had enough power to Kill Gohan with a solar system busting attack...because gohan was left weaker after saving vegeta...why would he self destruct and risk actually being able to kill himself while even now having even more powerful energy attacks. I mean Besides commen sense...and plot. Does that answer your question...dont bother..yes yes it does.

Other z fighters allowed gohan to keep up? WTF are you talking about. the other z fighter were blown away as soon as the beam struggle started. not to mention that cell being distracted is what got him killed in the first place. You mean you expect cell to do what..stop and spit out a couple of cell jr's to fight z fighters who werent doing anything but waiting to see if they lived or died? brilliant. 
XD besides the fact that by the time he looked at vegeta and back at gohan he wa already being destroyed by gohan blast? Gee maybe thats it

I'm sorry i didnt realize that gaining intelligence = PIS. 

Absorbed everyone who? He could kill everyone with a ki blast..and didnt need to absrob anyone. Yes because turning vegitto ito a bathroom or a brownie would have been totally different that a cholcate ball. I cant even begin to describe how...XD

Please do go on...because if you have any more things that were as half as stupid as everthing else you said i'll be laughing all night. The only point i see is that you have no idea what youre talking about...you dont know what pis or an inconsistency is. And that it's obvious you put so much time and effort into coming up with that..only for every single word of it to either be nonsensical or just wrong. Congrats on wasting your time.
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Any who Janemba turns thor into Faygo Rootbeer and then he drinks him

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@erik said:
" @Freefa11 said:

" @erik: And...? "

Oh I am sorry. I assumed you knew the rules of the sight. Here you go: 

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I didn't start this thread. I didn't even bump it from it's week long slumber. I responded to something posted just a few hours ago. If you think this thread should be closed, go complain to a moderator (though really, it seems like the other one should be closed, since it has fewer responses).
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I am going to assume you never read the links I posted, which comes as no surprise to me at all given that you have no idea why I included you in my original reply in the first place. 
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@erik: Hm, let's see: 
  No Repeat Battles/Use the Search Function

Like I said, I didn't make this thread. If you don't like it being a dupe, then take it up with a mod or the creator. I don't see anything about responding to dupe threads being against the rules.

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Since I didn't create this thread, I don't think these have anything to do with me either. 

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This is the closest one I can see applying to me, but I don't know why you'd single me out over Beyonder.  And it's not even that far off topic, since it is still discussing the nature of DBZ-isms, which Janemba would be part of. I've seen plenty of threads go further off topic, and I haven't even been around that long. '
Watch Your Language
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Don't think I've done too much swearing. Not sure how bad my attitude was (well, obviously I'm being kind of smug to you, but with Beyonder I was just pointing out flaws with his various arguments). 


Doesn't apply here. 

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I haven't presented any non-canon feats in favor of either side.  


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Could you point out which of these apply to me? The thread is being actively discussed. I replied to a certain, recent comment. It is not my job to lock dupe threads. I'm guessing it isn't yours either, otherwise you would have done it already. Again, if you think this thread needs to be closed, go tell a mod and let them do their jobs. I don't care if they lock it. But I also don't see why I specifically should have any special responsibility for the existence or continuation of this thread.
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I never insinuated that you created the thread, only that you continue to post in the wrong one. I have provided the correct thread to post in multiple times. I am sorry if such a thing is offensive to your sensitive nature. 
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@Kinasin said:
" Janemba if it's on his turf, thor in any other situation. "
It doesn't matter where janemba is...i find it hilarious that This site cooked up this janemba has to be in hell bs just to make themselves feel better about janemba being powerful
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@AnimeRocks said:
" janemba wins "
stop bumping DBZ threads!
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@erik said:
" @Freefa11:  I never insinuated that you created the thread, only that you continue to post in the wrong one. I have provided the correct thread to post in multiple times. I am sorry if such a thing is offensive to your sensitive nature.  "
This is an open thread and is being actively participated in by several people. I don't see anything in the rules prohibiting this. It is not my responsibility to enforce Comic Vine's rules and as far as I can tell, it isn't yours either. If you believe this thread should be closed, take it up with the mods, and maybe the guy that created it in the first place. As far as I'm aware, until the thread gets closed, everyone on comic vine is free to participate in it if they wish to, regardless of whether the fight was already done in an earlier thread (and since that one has fewer responses, I don't really see why it should be the one left open, just because it came first; clearly, for whatever reason, people have found this version to be more interesting).
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y wont u admit janemba wins? i mean stop sucking up to comics
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@RiseofApocalypse said: 

" It's pretty sad that people actually think Superman stands a chance against Janemba who warped an entire dimension upon his birth. Tsk tsk tsk. "

Replace Superman with Thor.
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Janemba is to much for Thor. People tend only wanna bring up brute strength but janemba has to many weapons that would kill Thor. The Portals and Reality Warping would be a real proble for Thor.

I have to honestly say that Janemba is one of few DBZ characters that are on par with Cosmics and could pose a threat to some or kill some as well.


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@Shattered007 said:

Janembas powers don't work outside of hell In hell he wins Outside of hell he gets stomped

proof that janemba pwers only works in hell?