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Jack of Hearts and Devil-Slayer vs Omega the Unknown and Typhoid Mary

Jack of Hearts is classic. Devil-Slayer is the original one (see also here and here for slightly expanded descriptions of his powers). Omega the Unknown is classic and cannot "go critical" (destroy the planet's biosphere). Typhoid Mary is current.

Devil-Slayer can start the battle with the weapon(s) of your preference. Typhoid Mary has a katana and a wakizashi. Jack and Omega are unarmed.

The participants are in character. The battle takes place in a depopulated stretch of the rolling hills of Wisconsin. The two teams are 50' apart.

Which team wins and why?

Jack of Hearts
Jack of Hearts
Omega the Unknown
Omega the Unknown
Typhoid Mary
Typhoid Mary
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Too obscure?

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@owie said:

Too obscure?

I can vouch for Omega the Unknown. https://comicvine.gamespot.com/forums/gen-discussion-1/omega-the-unknown-respect-thread-1884003/#4

Typhoid Mary I have some knowledge of as well.

No clue of the other team. Anyone got any info?

Right on! One of my favorite and earliest battles!

Here's some scans of Jack of Hearts and Devil-Slayer, two more of my favorite 70s/80s characters like Omega.

Jack of Hearts:

Started out doing battle with guys like Spider-Man, the original White Tiger, and the Hulk. Ended up on a much more cosmic scale. Basically he is made of living energy, called "Zero energy." He blasts it out through his hands, and can fly by doing that backwards. He wears armor to keep the energy controlled. He is half alien (Contraxian--this is the plant in GOTG 2 where they have all the robot hookers, which is nothing like the actual comics planet). Has pretty solid durability.

These scans are all from his miniseries, before he fought with Surfer. His power has continued to build up from his early appearances, and is getting out of control.

Releases his power high in the atmosphere, resulting in an enormous explosion. Has to do this continually through the night to lower his energy levels.

Releases his power again, which creates a mushroom cloud.

His mere presence, filled with energy, increases the power of a storm. This storm is later described as covering much of the east coast IIRC.

Can think like a computer and note someone's presence by noting small changes in the air.

Fights flying saucers. He is surprised when he feels pain, and realizes its because they know his energy signature and are specifically trying to negate it. Also destroys ships by flying through them, then smacks a ship into the ground by giving it a shoulder-rush.

Tanks hits from multiple flying saucers at once, then destroys them.

He is asked/forced to revitalize his alien forebear's sun, which is dying. He is described as "bright and warm as their sun once was."

He pours his energy into the dying sun, bringing it back to life. This is obviously an enormous amount of energy.

Once he gets back to Contraxia, his mere presence is enough to cause cataclysms. It also notes that he was inside the star at one point.

I should note that he isn't really at these enormous power levels in later appearances.


He is an accomplished soldier and ex-hit man. He wears a cape whose inside is a pocket dimension. He can teleport by wrapping himself in the cape, and can reach in the cape and pull out any weapon he wants, melee or gun. He is also telekinetic, and can use his TK to control the cape to grab people with it like tendrils. He is also telepathic, and can read minds, create illusions, and control minds to some degree. He also has a "sixth sense" danger/awareness sense. He is a criminally under-used badass when written well, and has been made kind of a joke recently in a Bendis battle that we'll ignore.

Here is Devil-slayer vs Deathlok (they both misunderstand who the other is).

Devil-slayer vs Valkyrie and the Hulk (full of awesomeness)

Power breakdowns (some from the above fights)

Illusion powers: one, two, three, four

Sixth sense: one, two, three, four

Mind control: one

Teleport: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, (there was also a big event in Avengers Initiative where he teleported a huge number of heroes all over as a big plot point, but was kind of out of character because somehow that exhausted him, even though it's just a magic cape that does all the work)

TK/Cloak as tendrils: one, two, three, four (same as "seven" above)

Pulling weapons from cape: one, two (same as "three" above)

Skill: his skill "almost matches" that of Valkyrie, a "grand master"; fights some demons one, two

Comparison with Agent of Fortune: the Agent of Fortune is a rank below that of Devil-slayer in a evil group he was infiltrating. They have the same cloak and training that is definitively below his--otherwise in their group's ranking, they would be above him. So DS should be able to do anything the AOF can. AOF teleports into Dr. Strange's sanctum sanctorum despite its mystic defenses. It grabs Dr. Strange with the cloak. He dodges the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak. Fast enough to close in to Strange and wack him with a mace and then steal the Eye of Agamotto--a pretty impressive feat.


I hope you enjoyed seeing these guys, I do love these characters.

Overall, I think we could either take this to mean EARLY Jack of Hearts and EARLY Omega--when they were fighting street level and brigh-types--or later on, when they both gained or realized they had cosmic level powers, like Omega's ability to incinerate all life on a planet.

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@sirfizzwhizz: Any thoughts on this now, with the info on team 1?