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Fight to the death (or incantation if It technically can't be 'killed').

Takes place in Derry but Maw's ship can beam them outside if needed.

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It, either from the Mini-series or the Movie gets oblitirated.

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Maw absolutely stomps

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Unless IT turns into Thanos he won't win.

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It feeds on fear. I don't see Maw being afraid. Maw should stomp.

This could change based on the next It movie, but for now, it's not close.

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Maw, honestly, most competent Street level Marvel characters could beat Movie Pennywise

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It all depends on simply whether or not Pennywise can make Ebony Maw afraid. And considering Maw stood up to Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange without showing any signs of fear, I don't think Pennywise could really do much.

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Maw stomps. If kids overcame the fear then Maw has nothing to worry about. He wont even be afraid to be honest. Pennywise then gets bodied.

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IT could probably just trick Maw into thinking he’s Thanos. Also the kids seemed to have the power of friendship when facing IT, a lone opponent should be in a tight spot.

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Penny wise could just turn into thanos. And the kids had to rely on each other and “the power of friendship” to win.

The match could go either way really.

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Maw didn't show fear in the movie so I suppose clown boy doesn't have a chance.

Maw puts fear in the clown

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IT laughably had trouble with kids, Maw curbs him.

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Maw only loses if Pennywise is serious, otherwise he stomps.

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“You must be popular with the children.”

-Ebony Maw, moments before slicing It in half vertically with laser precision

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@chubbs: lmao, that's exactly how i imagined thisn fight to go down before clicking this thread.