Is Naruto Faster than Ichigo?

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@aristeaus Liltotto And mimihagi are outliers(well, definitely liltotto)

Same with shunsui reacting to lille’s “Light”

Sorry. You messed up teh tag, didn't see the response.

They cant all be outliers. Lille is actual light. There is on panel explanation of that, IIRC. If Lille's "Light" is not considered natural, why is Light Fang? Light fang only has a non-canon databook describing it. I seem to recall something about it not even being called Light Fang in the original manga, but I could be wrong about that. If we are using Databooks as evidence, then isn't Ichigo LS+ based on scaling as he was Lightning speed in a SS Arc databook, etc.

But the question still stands... There are quite a bit more LS level feats in bleach, and if they are all "outliers", why wouldn't the one or two in Naruto also be considered outliers? Where is the line drawn? Is it going to be a battle of fanbois forever, or can we come to some type of baseline reasoning?

Even if we take just the Ywach Mimihagi feat, and the Light Fang feat, wouldn't Ywach be faster then Naruto then? The distance is FTL for Mimihagi, and Ywach reacted without Precog. Naruto reacted to something that can only be LS at best, and did so with precog.

Trying to be as objective as I can be, I would probably do something like this:


Balancing out outliers even would put Ywach on Narutos level imo, I believe Sasuke is a tad slower, though may be equal. Kakashis speed is almost entirely scaling, but it was clear he was not at Naruto/Sasuke levels, and same goes for Aizen and Ichigo.

Wouldn't Ichigo and Aizen be higher since they were reacting and fighting Yhwach to the death unlike what Naruto and Sasuke were doing to each?(Sasuke trying to kill Naruto, but Naruto wasn't trying to kill Sasuke)

They were getting slaughtered. While Yhwach was being hax'd by KS. It wasn't even close, so their speeds should also be not all that close to Ywachs. Its clear they were faster then say, Renji, though as he got stomped instantly.

Who's Renji? /s

What about before hand when it was Ichigo and the chick whose name I can't spell?