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2 highest tiers of speed .. Omnipresent is variable tier but i advert "absolute omnipresence".

Which one higher ?

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Irrelevant speed isn't a thing as far as I know.

Omnipresence the way you define it in the OP doesn't exist. There are no variable degrees to it, you're either completely omnipresent or you're not omnipresent at all.

And thus, this thread has no correct answer.

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Speed is a meaningless concept when are everywhere.

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Wouldn't Omnipresence make speed irrelevant in the first place?

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@mad_jim: They're the same thing.

Irrelevant speed isn't even a speed, it's a situation. Speed could be irrelevant because it is infinite, immeasurable, or just pure omnipresence...all it means is that speed is a non issue.

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This doesn’t make much sense. You can’t be omnipresent yet also have speed, and “irrelevant” isn’t a measurement.

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is omnipresent speed like phasing through stuff with noone being able to see?

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@fabricolage: it should make the concept of speed irrelevant. True omnipresence should connote that there is no need for movement due to being present everywhere at the same time. We all know speed is defined by movement. Without movement and time there should be no concept of speed.

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Omnipresent makes speed irrelevant as it basically covers everywhere.

This thread makes no sense though.

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Irrelevant speed sounds dumb.

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Speed needs to cover a distance in any interval of time where omnipresence does not as it is everywhere, every atom, particle or anything which is spatial or temporal. Omnipresence beats speed. An omnipresent being cannot be blitzed.

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If you expand the universe enough, any speed will be made relevant. Omnipresence will never be...