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Mortein said:
"I think Ironman wins
He doesn't.
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She Hulk will kill Tony, She is much much stronger and is a better trained fighter. How would Ironman even hurt her? Bullets? Missiles? none of that has ever hurt her before. She could KO him with one punch, probably take his head off if she wanted to. No way is tin man going to overpower she hulk.

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She hulk is stronger, but everything else is on Ironmans side    

 The problem I have with marvel characters is that consistently peak (or slightly above) humans are capable to fight spider-man level characters, spiderman level character are able to fight Iron man level character, Iron man level characters are able to fight Hulk level character, hulk level characters are able to fight Thor level characters and Thor level characters are able to fight skyfather level characters. But that doesn't mean Thor level characters are on pair with skyfathers or that Hulk level characters are on pair  with thor level characters ect., it only means there is lot of PIS in Marvel Universe.
IMO when someone like Thor or Silver Surfer is able to fight someone like Galactus, that is a PIS, also when someone like  Hulk is able to fight against someone like Thor or silver surfer that is PIS as well. 
Lets compare speed of Frieza with a speed of Superman
So we know there is no feat from which we could directly quantify his speed, so we have to use power scaling, anyone has a better idea?
l like to start from master Roshi
Krillin and Roshi had a whole fight scene in 1 second.
keep in mind few thing: 1. Krillin who is much slower was still able to fallow his movements, indicating that Roshi still wasn't serious. Once he got serious he KOed Krillin easily.  and 2. Krillins fall took at least 0.5 seconds, which means fight excluding fall was shorter then 0.5 seconds. 
 Roshi creating many after images.
After being shot at, Roshi was able to turn around and catch 9 bullets.
Roshi moved his hand so fast it created a wind so strong it blowed away a 70-80kg heavy superhuman and smashed him into a wall.
To do this you have to be able to move your hand much faster then sound.   





I think this proves he had hypersonic fighting speed.
And Goku, even before drinking mystic water, was able to move so fast he became invisible even for master Roshi whose speed feats you can see above. Goku was so fast that not even master Roshi, who can easily see bullets was able to see him. Speed of bullet is around 1200-1500 m/s ("Ballistics. The World Book Encyclopedia. New York: World Book, 1998.") , and bullet is approximately 1000+ times smaller then Goku, which makes it 1000+ times harder to see.  

 Now ask your self how much faster then you would be someone you aren't even able to see.
 Tien who was as fast as Goku (before water) was unable to touch fat demon, and Goku ( after water ) easily speed blitzed him.

This again shows massive increase in speed after drinking mystic water. 

  But even after drinking water and beating king Piccolo, Goku was still so slow that he couldn't even see mr. Popo. Mr Popo stated how he can move faster then lightning, and he was training goku so he could do the same.




 Kami>>>>>Mr. Popo 

Yet Teen Goku was fighting so fast Kami couldn't even see him
Raditz was faster then both Piccolo and Goku combined.

Piccolos casual beams were so fast they reached the moon in matter of seconds. (the moon is 1.3 secons away from earth, and it would take another 1.3 seconds for light to return to the earth, so we could actually see the moon getting destroyed)


Raditz dodged a beam which was called light of dead, and he started to move after the beam was only few meters away from him.



We have seen Piccolo destroying a moon in matter of seconds, now we see here Raditz dodging an attack from piccolo which is called  LIGHT of dead. I would say it is high possibility that that attack was at light speed, and raditz dodged it, after it was only few meters away from him.
The beam was 2-3m away from him before he started to move, and he moved 20-30 cm, which puts him at minimum 0.1xlight speed.  
Nappa was referring to Raditz as a weakling, yet he wasn't able to land a single hit on Goku even without KK (Kaio ken is attack which doubles speed strength power and everything else for a hearth beat) 

 yet Goku had to use KKx3  just to surpass Nappa, which shows how much fast Vegeta was.
Here Vegeta and Goku had entire fight scene in one hearth beat. We know that because kk lasts that long.



 On namek Vegeta was much faster then he was on earth, 

yet he was much slower then Burter,


 Burter was much slower then Goku (after training under 100x gravity) even without KK. 



After all this you can't tell me Frieza isn't even close to supermans speed, that would be ridiculous 
When the debate is about hulk, people have no problem pointing out how he was fast enough to tag Silver Surfer, but when the debate is about SS that feat is just dismissed as a PIS. 

 Marvel characters have been around for a long time and obviously they'll have lot of good feats, but there will also be lot of bad feats, I assume it would be logical to find the middle ground, and not just ignore all the bad showings, specially since there are lot of writers in marvel, so one writer could make the character slower, but stronger, while the other would make him faster, but less strong. And what some people do in debates is that they only take the best feats from each writer and ignore everything else, creating some fanboy version of character which never existed.   
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Mortein said:
"She hulk is stronger, but everything else is on Ironmans side    "
Nothing else is on Iron Man's side.House of M Iron Man isn't as smart as regular Stark,he was never trained by Captain America,none of his firepower can hurt She-Hulk and he's not strong enough to hurt her either.He doesn't have anything.
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Yaujtapool said:
"Well , ironman is still pretty strong and very close to she hulk in terms of strength .

Yaujtapool said:
"Well its still something , and i still say that ironman is around she hulks strength level .
G2G ill be back , just gota go grab something to eat than we can continue this ."
i really dont see how he could even be an challenge for these charcters
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Kentaxx said:
"She hulk is hot"

thats one thing i can agree with