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#51 Posted by RL4 (1700 posts) - - Show Bio

@rl4 said:

Iron Man

I'd like to revise that. It could go either way.

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#52 Posted by Ready_4_Madness (14796 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Man

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#53 Posted by KingLouie (2812 posts) - - Show Bio

If Tony flies around spamming, hulk wins in a long fight. If he’s close, he gets the Thanos treatment.

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#54 Edited by DrPepperMan (6269 posts) - - Show Bio

I honestly say Hulk. Iron Man was getting absolutely shredded by Thanos and got his helmet shattered by a simple tug, Hulk was handling Thanos' strikes in quicker succession and was less damaged. Hulk was also portrayed as the only one of the Avengers except Scarlet Witch and Vision to be a peer to Pre Ragnorak Thor. Anr in terms of feats, Hulk has better strength and comparable speed, though IM is more of a ranged character than brawler

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#55 Posted by deactivated-5c6891767abb2 (1820 posts) - - Show Bio

Stark easily. Hulk is one of weakest heavy hitters in MCU. Abomination or 2003 movie Hulk would be more worthy opponent

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#56 Posted by Greysentinel365 (5768 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk punches his suit apart.

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#57 Edited by TheTruthIII (3309 posts) - - Show Bio

Still Iron Man

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#58 Posted by Ready_4_Madness (14796 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Man, way more versatility & smarter in combat.

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#59 Posted by blackpantherisb (6772 posts) - - Show Bio
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Still Iron Man until part 2.

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#61 Posted by Rebake (3863 posts) - - Show Bio

@arthurcurry89: Current MCU Hulk is better than either of them overall. Better feats.

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#62 Posted by DeutschKurzhaar (1174 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk still wins, iron man can't put him down period.