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Just like when he fought Captain America and Winter Soldier. In the same building. No flight. No lasers.

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Tony analysilse their combat pattern too

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Team this suit is shit and if Bucky can hurt him IF will too.

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This suit is too weak, he loses badly.

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Tony 9/10

Cage is the only one not getting 1 or 2 shotted, so the fight will very quickly become Tony vs Luke Cage, yeah, Tony will have already been damaged somewhat, but it doesn't really matter, if all else fails, the one chest blast used against Bucky and Steve would be used to put Cage down.

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Mark 46 still has access to missiles, clamps (those ones used to tie Cap's limbs together), repulsors and the unibeam, F.R.I.D.A.Y. for tactical analysis, and superhuman durability that will allow Tony to tank a lot of hits. He destroys Matt, Danny and Jessica and takes down Luke with minor difficulty at best.

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I think people are forgetting that Tony wasn't using his most lethal attacks against Captain.

Obviously for h2h too the suit was needed too hell but if Steve had abused his missiles it'd have been a quick fight for him. And if he started using Friday to her maximum output he would know what to avoid and how to bring most people here down

Now I'm not saying who wins since I don't watch the Netflix shows but I'm guessing they cannot break through the armor given it took Captain hitting with the shield to do damage.

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Ironman fires and tank missile.

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Luke cage solos.

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Why is this not in battles but still he said no flight or lasers so Team gets a rocket to there face and ends in seconds

Never mind just remember Luke Cage tank a rpg plus a Building falling on him he might just repeat what Buck and Cap did

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