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Comic/movie Scott

Scott has his bass, self respect sword, 2 lives, and is pissed

Battle to K.O. or death

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IDK, maybe Iron Fist

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Iron fist.

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Whats Iron Fist's best durability feat?

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I'd say Scott pilgrim he has some pretty good durability feats and he gets self respect sword which helped kill Gideon who I would say is maybe more powerful than iron fist and with two lives he could deffinetly win

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@shmuserlame: Scott does have some pretty good durability but I'd still say Iron Fist wins more often than not

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IF, Scott is not in that tier

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Scott Pilgrim, he doesn`t really follow logic most of the time this is clearly evident in the comics.

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Iron fist wins but how good is Scott pilgrim? People who haven't read that needs to really give it a try..

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God Michael cera blows.

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Iron fist

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IF, but Scott does not go down without a fight

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Er, Scott could take punches from that vegan guy and he was able to punch holes through the moon, before he even went to the Vegan Academy.