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He is deadly with his sword, but how far would the half-demon get without it?

This gauntlet:

1.)Team CRDL

2.)Team SSSN

3.)Team CFVY

4.)Team JNPR

5.)Team RNJR

6.)Team RWBY

7.)Qrow Branwen, Winter Schnee, Tyrian Callows and Cinder Fall

8.)Team STRQ

  • All sides at their respective peaks
  • Bloodlusted
  • Perfect teamwork
  • Standard weapons for the RWBY characters

R1 He gets healed after every round

R2 He doesn't get healed

R3 Same situation as R2, but he in his full yokai form

Fight is here, the opponents start 100 feet away from each other

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Team STRQ is near featless besides Qrow and Raven. Tai doesn't seem superior to Yang, and Summer has 0 showings. Team 7 is already strong enough as it is.

anyways dunno Inuyasha's feats

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There is a gap in speed here...

Only by scaling off Sesshomaru (who never takes inuyasha seriously) or his 1 outlining lightning feat does Inuyasha stand a chance against a team of RWBY characters.

Make it Inuyasha & company (kogame, maroku, sango) the wind tunnel would be an interesting factor. (Keep inuyasha swordless)

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Honestly? They can't even scratch him because of his clothes and his natural durability. He's too strong and durable for any of these teams to actually hurt him.