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Battle Stipulations

  • Fighters are in character.
  • Random Encounter, No Prep time, Basic Knowledge.
  • Win by death & knock out.
  • Standart 616 versions.
  • Starting 30 metre apart.
  • They're fighting on indestructible planet.
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either hulk wins or quasar drains

chances are 99% that nova gets one shoted in both scenarios

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Quasar solo both.

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Feats for Quasar ??? (Consistent please)

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Quasar if he is able to drain him, although the question is if Hulk is able to drain that back from him. It's weird putting Immortal Hulk against drainers now....

Nova doesn't do much here.

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50/50 between Quasar drains or Hulk as Nova can't hang with this tier.

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Immortal Hulk cracks some skulls. Even WWH was too much to drain for Darwin and he adapted to Hela.

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Quasar probably drains him. I know that WWH has resisted some good draining, but honestly Quasar might be the best drainer in Marvel.

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Quasar solos with difficulties.