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I think this has been done before but I can’t find anything In search with “immortal Hulk” in it.

Can the immortal Hulk take out Doomsday from the new 52 and up using all respective feats of both?

Battle takes place on a planet with nothing but grass. Both are in character.

Fight starts 10 meters apart (really don’t think this matters as both are close range)

Doomsday only gets one life.

No prep and no knowledge

I am leaning towards hulk on this but I may be biased so I want everyone else’s inputs.

Bonus round -

If hulk wins, can Doomsday adapt to the Hulk after he comes back and beat him?

Ps- Good to see comic vine again. Haven’t been on much because work and school have been too much. Hope everyone had a good new year!

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Hulk based on what I've seen from DD

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Hulk smash

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so easy win for the hulk? can doomsday adapt to him though (bonus question)??