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Poll: Ichigo Kurosaki busting tier? (148 votes)

Island 41%
Country 22%
Continent 12%
Planet 24%

What would you say is Ichigo's buster tier by the end of the series?

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Merly the air pressure from Ichigo's swing was moutain level all the way back in Final Getsuga Tensho arc. So imagine what his actual strike can bust. He was at least multi moutain level at that point. Then we have Mugetsu amp. Easily island level. EoS Ichigo combines the same perfected shinigami amp with his perfected hollow and quincy amps. He should be country level at that point, easily. Now stack on that Ichigos new zanpaktou powers like combined cero/getsuga... which should be continental... and his zero squad training. Planet level seems fair tbh.

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^^^Lmao" planet level"

When this was created, I voted island level, but I changed it to country level now.

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Theoretically a cero from ichigo should be around Multi-mountain judging from what Ulqiourra could do. I just personally don't put a label anything beyond that level until I am without a doubt certain.

I don't think ichigo has island level DC but as far as reserves and such a case could be made.

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Dangai Ichigo was planetary. EoS Ichigo should be in the multi planet range, though I don’t think comicvine will ever accept that -_-

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lol ^

OT: Should have Small Country

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9-D Megaversal.

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Country level

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I see a lot narutard over there, who low ball ichigo to mountain lv. Prove it guys .

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uh... He's lower than island...

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If bankia yamma is planet ichigo is planet a few times over

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@undre said:

If bankia yamma is planet ichigo is planet a few times over

That's exactly why I say he's around multi planet. Dangai Ichigo should be much more powerful than bankai Yamamoto considering his curbstomp on monster Aizen who had surpassed all previous shinigami, including Yama himself. When EoS comes into play Ichigo scales to Yhwach who was going to destroy all 3 worlds.

And to think there are people here on CV that genuinely think scaling him at mountain, or even country level is being generous is quite baffling.

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@frostplatinum: no there are characters weaker than final arc Yama who's proved they have superior reiatsu to monster Aizen. Unohana baisically said she was sealed. She said she was similar in power to half FKT arc bankai Ichigo who still couldn't match a sealed Kenny with his mask. Read the spirits are forever with you then tell me if it's even remotely possible for shikai Unohana to survive a whole second against Kenpachi. All the seniors had their power lowered severely, including Chojiro. I still haven't seen an explanation for this. Aizen had incredible skill and power but his limits were much lower than the gotei newbies (I mean lieutenants were at or above his base level). Shikai Yama alone should be more powerful than monster Aizen as even Post-RG base Renji was, and he was equal to Bazz-b who nearly died to a casual base Yama.

When EoS comes into play Ichigo scales to Yhwach who was going to destroy all 3 worlds.

You do know that regardless of how large you think these 'worlds' are, and how many bodies of matter and energy they possess, no amount of travelling within 1 realm can ever get you to any location in the other. Destroying those worlds would mean destroying space-time itself. He wanted to rebuild what the SK put into place and the SK created....... Everything

If you know anything about the brane theory, you'd understand that energy on this level can't be described in numbers of whatever unit you want to measure. Something no physical object can ever achieve, something that exists outside of the understanding of time and space.

Plus Yama destroying the Soul Society is just a temperature effect, he defeated someone who said his power was equal to the Mimihagi 1000 years back. The Mimihagi could act as a temporary replacement for the SK and Yama has power beyond that. Yhwach (who was more powerful than 1000 years before) then absorbed the Mimihagi and the SK and Ichigo was still not too far interms of power because with his hollow merged quincy reiatsu activated state, he was a huge threat to Yhwach.

Now recapping power

SK- created and held the existence of 3 different planes of reality

Mimihagi- can temporarily hold the existence of 3 different planes of reality

Yhwach- (already above the Mimihagi) absorbed both SK and Mimihagi

Ichigo- was stated to be a permanent SK replacement. With bankai alone is above Yhwach interms of reiatsu and the terrifying ability to change fate as he had ought to been defeated. Baisically, plot armor became one of his canon abilities. It is something which goes beyond the Almighty as a future where he doesn't exist, simply doesn't exist and the Almighty cannot kill him.

Ichigo is ridiculously and seemingly immeasurably powerful

His power level tier is: ask Kubo you twat