Iceman vs Swamp Thing

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R1: In character

R2: Both bloodlusted

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R1: Swawp thing slaughters

R2: Swamp thing still slaughters

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Swamp thing devistates.

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Swamp thing devistates.

How can swamp thing kill bobby?

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I see both round being a stalemate unless Bobby's absolute zero can contain Swamp Thing.

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wasn't swamp thing struggling with rebirth mr freeze? even though he had teams backing him? iceman best choice is absolute zero or flash freeze to contain swamp thing or this is a stalemate.

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Swamp Thing wins both rounds.

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@tj849 said:

R1: Swawp thing slaughters

R2: Swamp thing still slaughters

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Swamp thing

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Swampy easily

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iceman wins because there is no way to prove there is plant life on other planets in other galaxies .. and iceman can turn the earth into something ten times worse than the ice age.. even if there was how can plant life travel from one galaxy to the next .?. outspace would just freeze any form of plant life

the problem is iceman is just omega mutant .. he is mortal when he reverts back to Robert Drake he starts to age a bit .. the swamp thing is immortal so if iceman just misses a couple of places on earth because we all know that during the ice age neandethals were living in north american and european when africans didnt suffer from the Ice Age at all .. all it takes is just one little plant to survive on earth and eventually Swamp Thing can win but i dont think he will unless he has a green lantern ring

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Planetary Absolute-Zero.

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@oraculi said:
@potatogambit said:

Planetary Absolute-Zero.

When has Bobby preformed a planetary absolute zero?

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Swamp Thing is on a different level but of course Iceman fans think he's omnipotent.

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Swamp Thing should win through soul manipulation eventually