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This is a random encounter with each person having standard equipment, Cassie like Ian has a katana. Battle takes place in Gothan at night time. Who wins and why?


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What are Ian's powers or abilities?

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IAN, curbstomp.  He's too vicious and too focused.

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So no ones gonna give any real reasons huh? In that case I'll say Batgirl. Cause she's focused (so much so she didn't learn how to talk so that she'd have more room in her mind for tactics) and she can read body movements.

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Taken from Ian's page


Ian has displayed superhuman feats of speed and strength. Body and soul built to absorb mass quantities of energy. At one point in the comics he has the mystic ability to siphon the powers of both the Witchblade and the Darkness. Ian in the comic series becomes the wielder of Excalibur (here shown as a sentient weapon, and the male half of the Witchblade) which can act like armor, produce energy blasts & constructs, and decreases the aging process.

Even before he acquired other powers, he displayed superhuman abilities such as cutting cars in half with his sword and catching bullets in his hands. Ian has above average intelligence and has enhanced speed and strength. Ian is also an accomplished martial artist and swordsman--his preferred weapon is a katana-- and he has had black ops training.