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superman prime wins,i think that he is stronger,more durable

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Superman Prime. Even if you sent the three most powerful incarnations of Hyperion (Supremeverse, King Hyperion and the Earth-1121 "Kingdom Come" Hyperion) after Superman Prime, they would still lose.

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Superman Prime wins
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SMP for the win.

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what if da setting was in a place wit no sunlight and he didn't have his special suit on?

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Anti-Venom's follower said:
"what if da setting was in a place wit no sunlight and he didn't have his special suit on?"
Prime's body, like Superman's holds a lot of energy, sufficient to operate at peak power for potentially days or weeks.
During the Final Night storyline, Superman finally used up all of his energy but it took a lot of time.
Prime would have plenty of time to destroy Hyperion.

The power difference is so great between them it's laughable.
Prime's durabilty is so hight that Hyperion could not hurt him.
Prime's strength is so much greater, that 1 blow from him would probably take Hyperion's head off.
Let's use another example, in the Legion of 3 Worlds storyline, Prime uses his heat vision to burn through Superman's hand.
This provides a clear example of how much greater (along with the planet moving feats) Prime's power level is compared to Superman, who in turn is far more powerful than Hyperion.
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I would prefer Hyperion winning

but he wont

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Prime would destroy Hyperion.

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Prime with absolute ease.

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i think it depends which hyperion were talking about