How to Link Characters to their Respective Pages Quick Guide

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As some of you may have already read in Methos' "ComicVine 101 - Battles" thread, the Vine would like its users to start linking the characters in the VS threads to their  pages.

@aztek the lost



New Rule

Consider all yourselves now aware that the CV staff has brought a new rule to the Battles forum that will help the site out: 
Link to Respective Characters  This is very easy and quick to do and will allow users unfamiliar with the characters to quickly check out their pages to see who, indeed, deserves the win.     "
Some of you may know how to do this already and some of you may not. Its actually really easy. Once you've picked your combatants and added a title to the thread, the next step is to link the characters.
Holding down the left mouse pad scroll over the characters name and highlight it.

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Then go up and click on the symbol that looks like a chain link. Its next to the Insert button.
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Once you click the chain link a drop down menu should appear with a list of characters. Make sure you have spelled the characters name correctly. Sometimes you can get lucky if you're close enough. But why chance it?
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All you need to do is select the character (click on the picture), in this case Gambit, and then click the green Create Link tab. 

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If you've successfully linked the characters their names will now be colored green. There is no limit to the amount of characters you can link. Thanks for helping out the site :)


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What a surprise.. Gambit vs Lady Shiva xP
lol but nice guide =)

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@Precise said:
" What a surprise.. Gambit vs Lady Shiva xP  lol but nice guide =) "
Couldn't help myself :P thanks
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Nice. Many people where asking for this. Your thread simplifies things.
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@Gambler: Lady shiva would well kick his butt... 
oh thats not the point of the thread...  
yes yes jolly good work G!