How strong do you think Kaido will be ?

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Posted by LoveEveryone (1116 posts) 8 months, 20 days ago

Poll: How strong do you think Kaido will be ? (25 votes)

Country - Continent Level 84%
Multi Continent - Moon Level 16%

Latest chapter has got me thinking how strong Kaido’s true power is

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where is the mountain to island level option? lmao

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Stronger than the Marines by hype. He's definetly got that final boss look and I can't imagine Oda wanting anyone besides Luffy beating him

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Island level like all Admirals and Yonko, even Garp who was said to be in the Top of The World In terms of Power while training could destroy a mountain for warm ups, if you take warm ups as humans do in weight lifting then Garp should be Island Level at best.

in Chapter 923 its seen that Kaido Vaporized the Tip part of the Mountain which can be calculated at City to Mountain Level and that was obvious a Drunk move without any care

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Island to Country level, maybe. Most likely Island.

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Yeah, island to country is my guess

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large island+

should at the very least be stronger than Prime Chinjao

Not to mention, I have a feeling Kaido will fight Zunisha/Zou

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0.000000001% of Base Goku's power level.

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Island level at best.

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Neither of the options. Island sounds about right, maybe Island+

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Large island - country level.

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how can he be island at best. sheeshh

the lowball is ridiculous

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moon level?

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Big Mom has disappointed. However, Kaido who was hyped long ago was very frightened, scared the sh*t out of him when she and bunch of her brats entered his territory and even then without Katakuri and Cracker.

OT:Kaido may be stronger than the WB but not to the full combined Forces of the Marines and the Warlords cannot defeat him

That Damn Kurozumi Orochi is just bluffing.

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At least country lvl

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Maybe country - medium sized country

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Considering Prime Garp destroyed eight mountains as a warm-up and had CoA powerful enough to overpower ice continent level potency, country level seems fitting given that the generation after Roger’s: Linlin, Shanks and Kaidou appears to be weaker.

We know Kaidou and Linlin are more durable than Whitebeard given that blades shatter on the Beast’s and Big Mom’s skin whereas they go clean through Whitebeard.

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@socajunkie: Kaido, Big Mom and Whitebeard were actually before Roger. He just got the Ponegraphs and became Pirate King, which Big Mom mentioned

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@grandtoaa: Ah yes, I misremembered that, they- Linlin and Kaidou were a part of the Rocks crew IIRC

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Definitely more than island lvl,you guys think the entire marine can't take down an island lvl character??.. no selling a barrage of G3 and g4 punches while in base already puts him above multi mountain casually and that was just his base with no Haki amp (just needed it to bypass luffys df) so here's how the scaling would go

Base kaido w/o Haki(island lvl)<<base with Haki<<<<hybrid form with Haki<<<<awakened hybrid form with possibly advanced Haki. It would make a lot of sense scaling wise and in-verse logic wise that he's at least country to continental lvl at full power that would explain why he's the strongest living creature and entire marine force can't challenge him

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@kgb725: Contextually speaking they’re a shadow weaker given that an old, sick, life-supported Whitebeard was still considered the most powerful pirate in the world, likely due to his DF being pure destruction. WB was also one of the few who beat Kaidou and the Beast was angered at Newgate’s death because the old man was one of the few people who could beat him in a fight and therefore life became boring hence suicide.

Shanks is hyped to have the most powerful CoC in the current verse but his hype isn’t as high as Roger’s, additionally Shanks still sees Rayleigh as a father figure- of course this doesn’t reflect power as Shanks is more powerful than current Rayleigh- but it’s still worth mentioning.

Shanks also only stalemated an old, sick, life-supported Whitebeard so I find it far fetched a Prime (let’s say 26 years old) and healthy Newgate wouldn’t put him in his place. It’s telling that while he respects Shanks he still calls him ‘brat’

It might be a matter of opinion however I don’t find it ambiguous at all that Garp, Roger, Shiki, Sengoku, Rayleigh and Whitebeard are supposed to be stronger than current Emperors and those in their tier.

Rayleigh sat around binge drinking for twenty years after the Roger pirates disbanded, hadn’t even touched his sword in two decades yet he easily held off Kizaru plus managed to draw blood from him.

Prime Rayleigh at the peak of his First Mate role would have flattened Kizaru.

I’ll continue: Blackbeard before acquiring the Yami Yami gave Shanks scars and they’re thematic rivals...however a Teach w/Darkness fruit lost to an old, sick, life supported Whitebeard with two holes in him, hundreds of wounds, chest pumped full of magma and a quarter of his head burned off.

Then after two years training w/both the Yami and Gura he still isn’t ready to face Akainu and runs away. The same Akainu who also couldn’t beat Whitebeard.

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It really depends on how his Devil Fruit works in my opinion. I doubt he does anything beyond what we've seen destruction wise.