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Posted by Lardplanet (143 posts) 4 years, 18 days ago

Poll: How many Batmans could Thor take? (25 votes)

1 (Hes Batman) 48%
1000 0%
10000 0%
1000000 4%
No amount of Batmans is going to beat Thor. 48%

Assuming Thor is Trapped in an inescapable arena that spawns Batman's at a rate of 40/second, how many Batmans would it take before they found a way to win/Thor gives up.

Morals off.

The Batmans are bloodlusted

Thor can not go warriors Madness/higher states.

The Batmans have Batarangs and Grapple gun.

This is just for fun/last one of these.

Describe how many Batmans it would take and how they could possibly win.

Takes place here again:

My tactics:

Thousands of them could fire there grapple guns at constantly Thor then tangle/let them retract on him creating an annoying problem/distraction of getting them all off.

Overwhelm his vision with a sheer amount of Batarangs.

Rush him constantly till they can get the Hammer off of him (I assume Batman is worthy to wield it yes?)

Stack up the bodies as cover/wait till he fires lighting then redirect it back at him by using them selves and the corpses as a domino effect.

Post if you think any of these might work/any of your own ideas.

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1 he's Batman

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i love batman but this is another a million ants vs elephant thread.....

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Lol i think it's funny to think about, while Thor is killing hundreds in the centre of the arena Batmans could gather on the sides, and construct small cities out of Batman corpses and grapple lines, then brainstorm ways to beat Thor.

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He could just stand there and let them hit him till they tire out and die in 29 hours each 0_0

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@princearagorn1: @wolverine08: for work out/break time he could just stand there and bench press dead batmans with one arm or create some amazing art with dead batmans

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LMAO! Why are so so harsh on Bats? Lol!

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look at all the votes for only 1 just cus of how its worded

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One if we're being generous.

But seriously...