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  1. Master Roshi
  2. Piccolo
  • Same setting as War arc
  • Madara after absorb Shinju and get his both rinnegan
  • No prep with basic knowledge
  • Both Combatant replace Naruto and Sasuke

Can they do it under a minute?

Round 2:

2 hours prep time and Full knowledge for both sides

Madara gets help from Lord Boros, Momoshiki and Toneri

Roshi/Piccolo gets help from Adult Naruto-Sasuke, Saitama and Teen Goku

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Yes. Piccolo already did it in a few seconds.

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Piccolo proceeds to blow up the moon.

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Team 1 succeeds both rounds neg difficulty

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@errorofthedamned: how he could do that if madara could summon dozen meteors like he did to Sasuke

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Master Roshi would get a nose bleed from the women of Konoha.

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"How Long Would It Take These Guys to Blow Up . . .Activate IT?"

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Couldn't Madara just create another moon?

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1 second

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Piccolo solos

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This is so pointless

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This is so pointless

i think thats the point. lol

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Well, I don't think they can defeat Madara in round 1, but if the main objective is to simply blow up the moon, that won't be difficult for Piccolo. This is assuming you mean Saiyan Saga Piccolo anyway.

Round 2 definitely goes to Team Roshi and Piccolo no matter how you look at it.

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With 2 hours prep, couldn't he just activate it during prep?

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Piccolo could easily blow up the moon.