How long would it take for EoS Sasuke to solo the Kage Summit ?

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Basically the same thing that happened in the Kage Summit arc, Sasuke is going after Danzo to confirm the story that Tobi told to him about Itachi, and Zetsu warn the Kages that Sasuke invaded the Summit, the only difference is that this Sasuke possess the EMS and Rinnegan.

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Like 5 minutes

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Nobody gets to touch the ground.

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5 minutes sounds right...and 4 minutes of those 5 will be travel time since EoS Sasuke still has to fight through fodder.

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A very short amount of time.

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I give them a max of ten seconds. He would slaughter every single one of them with no effort.

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Mei's vagina solos.

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Seconds at most.

This is assuming he doesn't need to wait for Karin to locate Danzo and the other Kage. Otherwise, as soon as Karin locates them, Sasuke blitzes the entire summit in seconds.

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Lol sasuke pulls susanoo and one shots. or just chibaku tenseis them all.

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Less than a minute with ease

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A few seconds. He one shots them with any of his top tier Nin Jutsu.

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A held back Madara demolished all of them when he used PS, this Sasuke > that Madara.

OT: Not very long.

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One slash from Perfect Susanoo. You guys know that he is on par with Rikudo Madara, who is FAR more powerful than Edo Madara, right?

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Faster than it takes a TBB Rasenshuriken to detonate.

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However long he wants it to last.

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Longer then you would think but he still wins

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As long as it takes him to find all of them

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Depends on what mood he is in. If he wants to mess around and play like Madara, it may take him like half an hour.

If he goes in with the intent to kill, it'll take him like 5 seconds to end them with Chibaku Tensei.

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Less than a second with chidori, even if all the Kage were prepared for Sasuke

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About the same amount of time it takes PS to swing it’s sword.

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Sasuke at EoS and with same morals as the Kage Summit arc.

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Imagine ohnoki tries to hit him with the particle style the same way and sasuke just swaps places with him LOL

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The Time of a Glance.

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1 minute

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He already pretty much blitzed them when they were seated and he cut the little pieces of cloth behind each of them.

Now he’ll just cut all their heads off before they can even realize his there.

OT: 0.1-0.3 seconds tops.

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