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How do i battle what is battling on here i dont know how to do it

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The battles section is generally for comparing two comic heroes/groups against each other.

To do that, you can use the format of XXXXXXX vs. XXXXXXX in the title, and any special circumstances in the body text of the initial post.

Things to note, Location (Universe is important), Equipment (especially if it has changed over a characters life), and character version (as many have multiple).

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two types of battles on this forum..

1. character battles

these are set by anyone and take place between two or more characters from comics, say Batman Vs Daredevil

look up the battle rules at the top of the battles forum for more details

2. user battles

these take place in the RPG section and are more story based with each user writing their own 'chapter' for the overall battle

again, rules can be found at the top of the RPG forum