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  • Everyone takes it seriously
  • All at their strongest
  • Canon Feats only
  • Perfect Teamwork
  • Basic Knowledge-1 day prep
  • Wins by Death or K.O.
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Naruto stomps

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Naruto, no difficult.

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The biggest hurdle is timestop but if he knows about in advance then he can target dimeria right away or have a clone distract her. Or even just show up the fight in his full kaiju form.

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12 clones win

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Naruto wins

Prep and knowledge makes this more of a stomp.lmao

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Hokage Naruto wins while eating ramen, and sleepy.

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I've been wondering about time stop for Naruto as SPSM is shown to have similar abilities to the Rinnegan so if Naruto was in that form he might have been able to sense Momoshiki interact with Boruto through time stop like Sasuke could but thats just my head canon

OT: Naruto easily

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Most of the Spriggan can solo with their haxs,the only thing is whether Naruto blitz them or they active their ability first