High Tier Marvel Cosmic Team vs. Justice League

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@willpayton The reason why I was asking was not to engage in debate or to question the power of the DC team but to learn, so thanks for sharing your info.

I'll edit the OP to make this more fair.

I understand. Yeah the teams are unbalanced right now. A bloodlusted Alan is alone too much. I dont think the Marvel team can really do much against powerful magic, and the DC team has Fate/Nabu and Alan... which means big trouble for them.

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@willpayton said:

@mysticmedivh said:

@willpayton And Quasar being on par with Elder Gods?

Lets see the feats. Being an elder god or being compared to one is not that meaningful, since just like normal gods they can vary vastly in power.

Everyone on the DC team is a team-wrecker in their own right. Alan soloed DC Earth. Dr Fate if he has the power of Nabu (implied by the OP) is the most powerful Lord of Order, and so more powerful than skyfathers like Zeus. Either of these two alone could wreck the Marvel team.

Set being above the original Cosmic Cube doesn't count? The feats of The Serpent Crown could be also used by Set.

And there's just five Elder Gods who are powerful, and Set is one of them.

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Yes same as Alan and Dr Fate would beat Franklin when most of others say FR stomp

Anyway JL still stomps

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JL stomps

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Nabu solos.

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Nabu solos with his 2 or 3 feats notable showing. Of course. Anyways, Monarch is a tier or two above everyone and Sentry is fodder.

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League fodderizes.

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Fate solos.